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From the mobile mammography services offered through our Women’s Services Van to providing the revolutionary 3D digital tomosynthesis mammography, our breast care experts are here to help. We offer an attentive, experienced staff, coupled with leading-edge technology and integrated care, to deliver high-quality outcomes for you.

3D Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography

TriHealth is proud to be the first to bring 3D digital tomosynthesis to Greater Cincinnati. This revolutionary mammographic screening generates a series of thin, high-resolution images that allow doctors to view your breast one layer at a time. Using a digital mammography machine with an additional arm that sweeps in an arc over the breast, tomosynthesis creates images that are essentially one-millimeter “slices” of the breast, revealing information that can be hidden in standard digital mammograms. There are many benefits to this state-of-the-art technology, including:

  • Improved visualization of breast tissue
  • Better ability to detect more and smaller cancers
  • Decreased recalls for additional tests
  • Less worry for you

Your tomosynthesis exam will include both a 2D and 3D mammogram. For the standard 2D exam, your technologist will take two views of each of your breasts. During the 3D tomosynthesis portion of your exam, the technologist will once again position each of your breasts for two views, but the x-ray arm of the mammography machine will make a quick arc over your breast while taking a series of images at various angles.

Once the exam is complete, the technologist will send your images electronically to the radiologist, who will study them, compare them to previous exams, and then prepare a report of the findings for your physician.

Digital Mammography

A digital mammography replaces x-ray film with solid-state detectors. There is 20 percent less radiation to the patient with digital versus traditional analog mammography. We review all mammograms with the newest computer-aided diagnostic technology, ImageChecker System from R2 Technology, Inc. This system identifies suspicious areas on the mammogram that might warrant a second review. It doesn’t replace the radiologist, but it enhances their ability to identify potential breast cancers earlier.

Screening Mammography

An effective use of mammography as a screening tool is recommended annually for women 40 years of age and older. This exam is used to detect early breast cancer in women who are not experiencing any breast symptoms (pain, lump, nipple discharge, or skin changes).

Diagnostic Mammography

This is a problem-solving mammogram that may be recommended by the radiologist or referring doctor in patients with an abnormal mammogram, breast lump, nipple discharge, or skin changes. This exam is used to help determine the cause of concern in these patients.

Mobile Mammography

In an effort to make early breast cancer detection more available to all women in Greater Cincinnati, TriHealth provides digital screening mammography through our Women’s Health Van, which serves area businesses, churches, clinics and other locations. The quality of mobile mammography is equal to that performed on stationary units, but offers the flexibility of off-site service. 

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