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Manicure - Spa or French

(30 to 45 minutes) Thorough hand massage, nail and cuticle conditioning and flawless polish application. $25, French $32.

Mini Manicure

(30 minutes) Nail and cuticle conditioning and regular polish. $25

Child’s Manicure

(30 minutes) Hand and arm massage, nail and cuticle conditioning and a beautiful polish application. Ten years and younger. $12

Gentleman's Manicure

(30 minutes) $25

Gell Nails

Fill-ins re-establish the balance, arch and shape of the enhancements. Recommended every two weeks. $35

Whirlpool Pedicure - Spa or French

(60 minutes) Relaxing whirlpool bath followed by callus reduction, cuticle trim, nail shaping, exfoliating treatment, relaxing foot massage and polish.
Spa $52, French $62

Mini Pedicure

(30 minutes) Cuticle trim, nail shaping and regular polish. $25

Gentleman's Pedicure

(30 minutes) Relaxing whirlpool bath followed by cuticle trimming, nail shaping and buffing. $50

Paraffin Dip for Hands or Feet

(10 minutes) Wax treatment for softer, smoother, hydrated hands and feet. $10

Sugar Hand and Foot Scrub

(3 to 5 minutes) Gentle exfoliation of hands and feet. Fruit and shea butter work together to leave refreshed, supple skin. Hand scrub is complimentary with other spa services. $20

Polish Change

(Min. of 10 minutes) $18 hand; $25 feet

Nail Repair

(Min. of 10 minutes) $5

Why settle for an ordinary nail salon in Cincinnati when you can be pampered at the award-winning TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion? Manicures, pedicures and more are offered in our relaxing spa setting. Call today for more details, 513 246 2633.


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