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One barrier to women not receiving mammograms is lack of access to facilities. The TriHealth Women’s Services Van helps to address this issue by providing a convenient, comfortable option for those in our community who have difficulty accessing health care. Our team of female mammography technologists is specially trained in mammographic imaging in order to provide the same care that has been long-trusted at any other TriHealth facility.

Convenient Digital Imaging

The Women’s Services Van features state-of-the-art digital mammography screening equipment, ensuring that images are properly captured and any abnormalities are detected and diagnosed right away. Digital images are reviewed by a physician on the TriHealth Radiology team, stored electronically, and results are then sent by letter or fax through TriHealth’s electronic medical records system. Digital record-sharing makes a patient’s information more accessible for our physicians, which means seamless, more integrated care for you. Health Library: Breast Care
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Advanced Technology

Our van uses the R2 ImageChecker, a computer-aided detection system that detects 23.4 percent more breast cancers than mammography alone, resulting in more accurate results and less worry for our patients. Digital mammography screenings are also tracked through a Mammography Reporting System used to help encourage regular screenings. At the TriHealth Women’s Services Van, we strive to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care so you can take care of yourself, and more importantly, save your life. 

Community Outreach

Serving as a highly visible community resource, our van serves both corporate and community venues in Greater Cincinnati and the surrounding areas. Churches, grocery stores, health clinics and nursing homes are just a few of the places the van will visit for screening events. Through offering state-of-the-art breast technology, coupled with a patient-centered approach, we provide the same health care quality that you would expect any other TriHealth facility.

Expert, Compassionate Care

The thought of being diagnosed with breast cancer is a scary thought. At the TriHealth Women’s Services Van, our specially trained technologists provide compassionate care in a cozy, comfortable environment to put you at ease before, during and after your appointment. 

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