Audiology and Hearing Aids

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TriHealth Audiology and Hearing Aids

From hearing loss to tinnitus (ringing in the ear), TriHealth audiologists treat a full range of hearing issues. They work closely with TriHealth ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors to provide quality medical care.

Hearing Problems Treated

  • Nerve deafness (Sensorineural hearing loss)
  • Problems of the bones, eardrum or membranes (Conductive hearing loss)
  • Mixed hearing loss from both causes
  • Balance problems
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • Atypical hearing loss appropriate for surgical options

Our Services

Hearing test (audiogram)

Your audiologist will test your hearing by having you respond to tones and speech stimuli in a soundproof booth. This will reveal the lowest level at which you can hear tones and speech in a quiet environment.

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Medical exam

A TriHealth ENT physician will go over your hearing test and perform a medical exam to determine if you are a good candidate for hearing aids.

Hearing aid evaluation

Your audiologist will obtain a hearing history by asking you specific questions regarding your lifestyle and situations in which you struggle to hear.

This will determine the best hearing aid options available to you. Your audiologist will share with you the different styles, circuit options and prices. You may also discuss if you are a candidate for cochlear implant or BAHA implant surgery.


Hearing aid fitting

The selected hearing aids will be ordered and you will be asked to return in one to two weeks to have the hearing aids fitted. During the hearing aid fitting, your audiologist will program the hearing aids to your specific prescription and will counsel you about use and care. This is to ensure you are capable using the hearing aids before you leave our office.

Hearing aids: 60-day trial period

You will have a 60-day trial period with your hearing aids. Within that time frame, it is common to have appointments scheduled to make adjustments on the hearing aids and to answer questions you may have. There is no cancellation fee if you return your aids within this time frame.

We recommend you return to the office for regular check-ups for your hearing aids. We also perform annual hearing tests.

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