Colon Cancer Screening

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Advanced technology has improved the accuracy of detection of colon cancer as well as the comfort of detection procedures. Colonoscopy allows for an examination of the lining of the colon for abnormalities. If bleeding of the lining is detected or polyps revealed, a routine colonoscopy might be recommended. Sigmoidoscopy allows the doctor to examine the lining of the rectum and a portion of the large bowel. If polyps are detected, a biopsy may be recommended, which takes about five minutes and is mildly uncomfortable.

Colon Cancer Prevention

Unfortunately, colon cancer can sometimes be a silent cancer with no symptoms. This makes it even more important to do the appropriate screenings based on the age indicators. However, you should still familiarize yourself with some of the more common symptoms. It is imperative to learn your family history. The whole intent of colon cancer awareness is to help people identify their risks and have some type of screening performed. Help us put a stop to colon cancer. Tell a friend what you have learned and encourage them to do the same.

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