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December 12, 2023

McCullough-Hyde Foundation Grants $50,000 to Address Community Health Needs

McCullough-Hyde Foundation Grants $50,000 to Address Community Health Needs

The McCullough-Hyde Foundation has approved grants totaling $50,000 that addresses significant health needs of local communities to 10 community organizations throughout Butler and Preble counties in Ohio and Franklin and Union counties in Indiana.

The Community Granting Committee reviewed 22 applications and the McCullough-Hyde Foundation’s Board of Trustee awarded Community Grants to the following organizations:

Family Resource Center ($10,000) to enhance housing and supportive services that improve the well-being and living conditions of families within the Talawanda School District, addressing the challenges associated with housing and homelessness in the community;

Oxford Free Clinic ($8,500) to purchase new medical equipment that will increase the clinic's ability to provide high-quality healthcare services to those in need, increasing the services available to the community;

Open Hands Food Pantry ($5,000) to support outreach initiatives addressing food insecurities, shelter, and rehabilitation for homeless individuals and families, increasing the ability to provide valuable community assistance;

Reily Township ($5,000) to improve Reily Community Park by installing two basketball hoops and repaving the basketball court, creating a community space for exercise and connections;

Stable Moments ($5,000) to support an Equine Assisted Learning program that offers mentorship to children who have experienced developmental trauma, promoting life skills for a healthy transition to adulthood;

Thread Up Oxford ($5,000) to support the “Healthy Wardrobe Project” which provides clothing and textiles to individuals facing financial hardship, enhancing self-esteem, mental well-being and social connectedness;

Union County Foundation ($5,000) to build an amphitheater at the Union County Nature Park, fostering mental health, healthy behaviors, and intergenerational connections which benefit children and the community;

Oxford Area Solutions for Housing ($3,300) to train volunteers for a point-in-time count of homeless individuals in the Oxford area, providing data for future homelessness prevention efforts;

Talawanda High School ($3,000) to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), ensuring swift access to life-saving equipment for the school community;

Union County 4-H Association ($1,000) to support 4-H leadership projects that focus on STEM, citizenship, and healthy living, engaging youth in various projects and community activities to develop valuable life skills.

“We celebrate the accomplishments of all our grant awardees, and we recognize the incredible synergy created when diverse missions unite with unwavering commitment,” said Travis Robinson, Community Granting Committee Chair. “Together, they embody the power of collective efforts, igniting a brighter and healthier future for our communities.”

The Community Granting Program is a grant-making initiative that invests in organizations which address significant health needs of local communities. The McCullough-Hyde Foundation partners with and provides funding to local organizations that lead the way in building healthier communities. The program launched in 2022 and has awarded more than $200,000 to community organizations.

Community Grants encompass support for education, prevention programs, awareness efforts, wellness opportunities and direct care which focus on mental health, alcohol and drugs abuse, access to healthcare, food insecurities and healthy behaviors. The funding priorities align with the significant health needs identified in the Community Health Needs Assessment, published triennially by McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital/TriHealth. The Community Health Needs Assessment incorporates input from a wide variety of sources, identifies the greatest health needs in Butler, Franklin, Preble and Union counties and provides location-specific data points related to health.

“With a belief in the power of local voices and solutions, the McCullough-Hyde Foundation’s Community Granting Program reflects McCullough-Hyde's unwavering commitment to fostering positive change at the grassroots level,” said Tyler Wash, Executive Director. “Through strategic partnerships with community organizations, the Foundation aims to make a lasting impact by addressing the significant health needs of our local communities."

The Community Grant application is available online at Additional information and material such as the Request for Proposals, granting guidelines, deadlines and best practices are also available on the Foundation’s website. The annual funding cycle deadlines are April 15, August 15 and December 15.

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