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March 22, 2023

TriHealth Announces Donna Peters as Senior Vice President and CIO

TriHealth Announces Donna Peters as Senior Vice President and CIO

TriHealth, a leading Cincinnati-based integrated health system, has announced that Donna Peters, who has served as the interim chief information officer (CIO) since September 2022, will assume the role of senior vice president and CIO, effective immediately.

Peters began her Trihealth career as an applications programmer in 1998 before taking on and excelling in more progressively responsible Information Systems (IS) technical and leadership roles, from project leader to vice president of information technology. Throughout her career, Peters established herself as a servant leader and earned an outstanding reputation for her commitment to serving as an advocate and partner for patients, team members and physicians.

“Donna’s collaborative servant leadership style has played a central role in elevating and enhancing all aspects of TriHealth’s work to leverage ‘big data’ to accelerate our ability to get healthcare right – from scheduling appointments to sharing information to better managing health risks,” TriHealth President and Chief Executive Officer Mark C. Clement said. “She has continued to advance our bold digital and IS change agenda by investing in and launching digital programs and strengthening infrastructure that have enabled our team members and providers to quickly identify and respond to unmanaged chronic conditions, close gaps in care and identify and address risk. As a result, we have measurably improved the quality of care we provide and the health outcomes we deliver to our patients and community, which is the foundation for achieving better care, better health and better value for our patients and community.”

“I am truly thankful to my TriHealth leaders, team members and colleagues for their continued support and confidence in me. I am excited to begin the next chapter of my TriHealth career,” Peters said. “Technology is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, touching every aspect of our lives, including healthcare. I’m proud of the advancements TriHealth has made in this area to better serve our patients. I look forward to leading this dynamic work to accelerate our continued growth.”

Peters was the unanimous choice among TriHealth’s team members, physicians, leaders and vendor partners who participated in the interview process. She succeeds Cathy French, who retired in 2022.