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TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion


I Love My Club!

Pavilion Member Testimonials

“Best health club in region. Diverse offering. First class experience.”
-     Tom K., Member since 2021

“The Pavilion gives me the perfect place to keep up my exercise routine that my primary care and cardiologist doctors recommend me to do. As an 80-year old the indoor walking track and the seated elliptical machine provide me with the perfect facility to keep up my exercise routine on a regular basis. The personal trainers are great showing what machines and exercises you can do and how use and do them properly.” 
-     Bob F., Member since 2020
“I have been a member for a little over 20 years and have always enjoyed the various programs available plus the staff who get to know you. I have also met various people in the classes and we keep tabs on each other if we haven't seen each someone for a while.”
-     Carol S., Member since 1999
“TriHealth has so much to offer anyone looking for an outstanding facility with exceptional staff. To be a member of Trihealth is like being part of a family.”
-     Sue R., Member since 2010
“They have incredible people working there! Amazing group fitness instructors - and an awesome early morning front desk crew. Thanks to all!” 
-     Peg L., Member since 2019
“The facility is top notch, with many land and water fitness options. The instructors, dietitians, and trainers are high caliber. The hours are convenient and the facility is close to me.”
-     Meg M., Member since 2003
“The people, upgrades to the facilities, quality trainers & health care providers, classes, & cleanliness & ventilation make THP a great place to work out. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a place go for fitness!”
-     Patricia F., Member since 2014

"I like coming to a place that is welcoming and feels like 'home.' The exercise machines are great and operate very smoothly. I really enjoy the pools, especially the outdoor pool in the summer. A wide variety of classes and activities is a definite plus. A massage at the Spa is definitely wonderful. The facility is clean and bright and simply just totally enjoyable. I’m currently taking a balance class and the physical therapists teaching the class, Jody and Chloe, are really terrific."
-     Kathleen J, Member

"The Pavilion is a top-notch facility with great equipment and helpful staff. Our family most enjoys the Kids' Life Center. Having multiple children excited to go to the gym makes it easier for us to motivate ourselves to go. In the summer, our whole family enjoys going to the outdoor pool which is perfect for young kids."
-     Jeff S., Member

"I love the Pavilion and all the members. Reminds me of the show Cheers because everyone knows your name!"
-     Nicholas P., Member

"I LOVE the staff and the atmosphere. I always feel like family when I come in. I'm missed when I'm not in for a while. I'm greeted by many of the staff that work there both at the front desk and even their cleaning crew. I've made many friends in the pool. I've been a member at the TriHealth Fitness Pavilion for about five years now and I started out in rehab and fell in love with the pool where it changed my LIFE literally. So I started coming all the time. Over the past two and a half years I've lost over 270 lbs with help of surgery, healthy eating and exercise. I encourage my friends to come workout with me ALL the time. I LOVE TriHealth. It's more than a gym!!"
-     Renay

"Professional welcoming staff. Cleanliness and consistently positive workout experience."
-     Susan V., Member

"Great a.m. fitness classes and instructors."
-     Peg W., Member

"I like the friendliness and competence of the staff, the cleanliness of the entire facility, the choices of workout equipment and excellent pool choices."
-     Leo S., Member

"Very friendly staff, well maintained facilities."
-     Derek V., Member

"It is very helpful, friendly place to workout. I have been member for many years."
-     Annette C., Member

"TriHealth has everything I could want out of health and fitness facility."
-     Christoper C., Member

"My favorite part is the Monday night spin classes with Nora and Jane!"
-     Jane H., Member

"Friendliness of staff, convenient location, and warm water pool."
-     Pat W., Member

"Convenient to my house, variety of equipment!"
-     Steve S., Member

"Once you start working out at TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion, it becomes a healthy habit! The staff and clientele are friendly and helpful, and the facility is clean andwelcoming! With the wide variety of equipment and programs, there’s something for everyone! It’s easy to get addicted and healthy results just happen!" Member,
-     Pam B., Member

"Very friendly staff. Always very clean. Fun classes for every level of fitness. Very friendly staff. Always very clean."
-     Sally S., Member

"My personal trainer, Justin, is absolutely the best. He challenges me at every workout. He has an awesome personality and is entirely committed to his clients, He always asksabout my diet and my exercise between workouts, and gives me a delightful dose of admonishment when I've fallen off the wagon! I always leave exhausted, happy and inspired after mywork out with this him."
-     Deb S., Member

"I have been working with Justin for a year and a half. Through consistent positive feedback and encouragement he has retrained my attitude while I retrained my body. Justin isprofessional, knowledgeable and committed to his clients' success. He places a high value on correct form with each exercise and motivates me to push past my perceived limits toget results. Justin is a truly excellent trainer!"
-     Kerry G., Member

"I like the idea "All in One place"! It is really convenient that you have such a variety of different ways to take care of the health under one roof!"
-     Anna M., Member

"I am very happy with my experience with TriHealth Fitness Pavilion. I love the warm water pool, great for exercises for my arthritis. I have made new friends my age, and reallylook forward to exercising three days a week."
-     Jan A., Member

"The Staff is always friendly and glad to see me. I have made many friends at the Pavilion, and look forward to seeing them whenever I visit. I always feel better when I havebeen there. I am glad I am a member."
-     Jane S., Member

"Love the classes. The equipment is kept clean and the staff is awesome."
-     Cori R., Member

"Love everything! Great place to workout!"
-     Sally D., Member

"The TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion has the best customer service. It has a different area to exercise for any age to work out. Safety is priority for all staff. The centeris clean, nice and comfortable. I feel very relaxed and safe during the time that I spend there. Thanks for all you are doing."
-     Mary P., Member

"The staff, the trainers and the entire experience is absolutely wonderful. I had both physical and aquatic therapy there and now continuing the 3 month follow up and then willcontinue to be a full-time member knowing that if I need assistance at any time whether it’s my past therapists or not, they will help me. The Pavilion itself offers everythingincluding 3 pools, group classes, and the indoor walking track and a gym to shoot some hoops. There isn't a facility that compares to this one in my opinion...oh and there is alsoan outdoor track and much, much more. Just go see for yourself because there is much more going on every month."
-     Teri S., Member

"Love everything, get to work out, have a facial or massage. Can’t beat it."
-     Anne C., Member

"Clean well run health club and makes and continues to keep equipment and facilities first class."
-     David C., Member

"The Fitness center is great, very clean and the staff are very customer-service oriented."
-     Jim L., Member

"I like all the amenities, cleanliness and the quiet atmosphere. I like the variety of classes and the different times they are offered. I'm working on getting my husband tojoin!"
-     Brenda C., Member

"People and facilities are great!!"
-     Dennis B., Member

"Warm water pool required for my health and mobility. Great asset of TriHealth Fitness Pavilion."
-     Mary Z., Member

"It’s one of the best! The TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion. Fitness Instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly.The rest areas, showers are all well maintained."
-     Webster J., Member

"I work there and not only is it a fun place to work, the people are wonderful to talk to not to mention the great work out and the wonderful pools and spa services. We have agreat staff!"
-     Kharen D., Member and Team Member

"I like the clean and friendly environment. The water aerobics classes and instructors, for the most part, are great. I have made many new friends over the past 8 years."
-     Pam V., Member

"Facility is beautiful with many wonderful amenities like two heated indoor pool as well as outdoor pool, steam room and sauna, and huge hot tub to soak in."
-     Lori Z., Member

"The classes are excellent. The staff are top notch. Facilities are well maintained. The price is reasonable. The other members are delightful."
-     Angela W., Member

"I like all the facility has to offer: exercise equipment, a walking track, classes, a cafe, pools and courteous and friendly staff. I especially enjoy the outdoor pool andrelaxing there with a book. The pool is perfect for my small granddaughter and she loves going there."
-     Kathleen J., Member

"It's convenient and clean!"
-     Kathy W., Member

"I love the water aerobics classes. I take the water aerobics in the main pool and then I stretch and relax in the warm water pool."
-     Melissa S., Member

"Pleasant and knowledgeable staff, great equipment that is kept updated, not usually overcrowded, and clean facility."
-     Judy H., Member

"The Fitlinxx tracking of workouts and the weight machines they are attached to are outstanding. Sauna, steam and whirlpool all work well and are consistently available.Fitness staff is very available and helpful."
-     Robert S., Member

"Staff very pleasant and they make you feel like you are a "special" member. Clean facilities. Good location relative to my home."
-     Saul F., Member

"I love the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff! They really listen to me as a person and always recommend safe and effective exercises.I love all the classes I take. They help keep my day to day pain at bay. Thank you for being a place of strengthening, wellness and recovery!"
-     Michelle B., Member

"I love TriHealth. The people are friendly, the staff is competent and the facility is clean and attractive. I have recommended the Pavilion to several people."
-     Beth K., Member

"Friendly staff that are always willing to help with equipment and exercise plans. Facility is always clean and everything is in working order."
-     John G.

"I love the relationships formed, the free nutrition/cooking classes, the cleanliness, the friendly staff."
-     Judith N., Member

"I love the variety of daily exercise classes that I can attend. I attend high intensity class on Monday and Friday, Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday, and yoga on Saturday and Wednesday. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and pay close attention to the participant's form. TriHealth has helped me lose 20 pounds and gain muscle mass."
-     Karen Z.

"The guidance of certified Athletic Trainer, Karen Sims, that allows me to exercise without injury, or to continue and adapt while healing through injuries has been the most value to me. People at the front desk and membership have been very pleasant and helpful as well."
-     Angela C., Member

"This is a great place for fitness, weight loss, and staying in shape. TriHealth is a top notch facility in a great location. The auto access is superior, a good traffic pattern and nice parking while providing a quiet private setting near -71 and I-275. The pool areas are well maintained. Clean locker rooms. Excellent laundry and fresh towels. The wide variety of workout facilities is among the best. Classes, tutorials and programs offer membersthe education and support to be successful for daily living and good health."
-     Mark J., Member

"The equipment is very diverse and modern. The indoor pools are wonderful. The whirlpool and steam room are very soothing. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable."
-     John C., Member

"The TriHealth Pavilion is a judgment-free zone for your workout. The staff are most helpful at planning a workout routine that will maximize your fitness and your health."
-     Christine B., Member

"It is not intimidating or overly crowded. A variety of cardio and weight equipment. Helpful, friendly staff. Comfortable spaces in locker room to shower and get dressed and ready if needed."
-     Sylvia Y., Member

"It is just a great environment for my wife and I and we have been very successful in the past at losing weight and getting healthy. Very clean facility and people are greatoverall."
-     Mark M., Member

"Large open area that is never over crowded, great machines, friendly staff and clean locker rooms. It's an overall excellent facility in a very nice setting. I have access towonderful aquatic features and it's conveniently located reasonably near my home! Who could ask for more?"
-     Beth Y., Member

"It's a clean, pleasant, classy place. I had a fitness assessment with Justin and he was very wise and courteous. I'm also doing the Heath One weight loss course with Kristin and Caitlin. They are wonderful. My weight loss gives me a new lease on life."
-     Linda C., HealthONE Weight Loss Program Participant

"Very professional in both the Cardio Rehab and the Fitness areas without being 'stuffy.' The Staff is Very Caring and friendly. The facility is very clean and well maintained.Lots of good parking. Exercise equipment is the right kind and well maintained. Nothing but kudos from me." -Member, Stephen H.

"A sanctuary amidst the busy world around us. Great facility, generous and knowledgeable staff. Continually working to address members’ needs and maintain the building andequipment we depend on when we arrive at the Pavilion to mend and recharge our mind, body and spirit."
-     William E., Member

"Great place! Tons of options, great trainers, great facility, and friendly staff. There's always someone around willing to answer questions or demonstrate equipment and it'sgreat to be in a place with members of every fitness level represented. Can't recommend it enough!"
-     Mary M., Member

"This place always comes to my rescue! An awesome gym for all walks of life with different physical capabilities! You never get bored with your options & choices!"
-     Guity R., Member

"This is everyone's dream gym with all the amenities it's worth every dime."
-     Sharon S., Member

"Great facility, amazing staff who always puts members first, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere!"
-     Laura A., Member

"It's a beautiful facility with caring knowledgeable staff and members inspiring and motivating each other by example!"
-     Jane H., Member

"Great ambiance; caring, friendly staff; great equipment; open and organized layout with cool temperature for working out; diverse offerings and education for overall fitness and well being."
-     Peggy C., Member

"The POOLS! Warm & Cool."
-     Naomi H., Member and instructor

"Clean, nice people working there, friendly atmosphere, lots of choices for classes and workouts."
-     Linda P., Member

"I have been a member of a lot of box gyms through out my life. Everyone is friendly and it is a very laid back and judgment free gym. The staff is great, helpful andapproachable. My favorite part though is that it is never crowded, especially during peak gym hours 4-7PM when everyone is getting off work. I love going after 7 because itsbasically like having your own private gym. I have lost about 25 pounds in the last 4 months since I have signed up. Not only would I recommend it to a friend or a family memberbecause of reasons stated above, I have already done so."
-     Rob S., Member