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TriHealth 2020 Commitment to Diversity

In Spring 2017, we gathered at the South Central Ohio Healthcare Supplier Diversity Symposium to discuss how to increase diversity and economic benefits in the local healthcare supply chain. In remarks that day, TriHealth recognized the commitment of health systems in our region to increase diverse supplier relationships has resulted in significant gains – with regional health systems spending $80-90 million more with minority partners annually than in 2010. While that represents an important step forward, we need to do better.

Our mission is to serve the larger community and, to do that well, we must mirror the rich diversity of Greater Cincinnati in our leadership, employed physician population and supplier relationships. So, TriHealth is setting a series of bold goals for 2020 and we are accelerating this vision by sharing our goals publicly. We believe this level of transparency will help keep the issue of workforce and supplier diversity at the forefront of the healthcare industry and encourage all healthcare systems to be more deliberate about promoting diversity across our organizations.

Click below to hear more about our bold goals from TriHealth senior leadership, Mark C. Clement, President and CEO, and David Cook, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Diversity Commitment

Definition of Diversity

We define diversity as the unique differences and similarities that our team members, patients, families, physicians, volunteers, and communities bring to our environment. At TriHealth, diversity encompasses much more than race and gender. It is a variety of characteristics, visible or not, that distinguish one individual from another. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, age, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race and physical abilities.

Vision Statement

TriHealth is comprised of unique individuals who are inspired to create a culture of diverse talents and perspectives that will enable each individual to contribute fully in the pursuit of TriHealth’s mission and vision.

Mission and Business Case Statement for Diversity and Inclusion

By developing a diverse workforce, we will increase our talent pool, reinforce our mission and strengthen TriHealth in ways that will maximize our performance and competitive advantage to the patients and communities we serve.

Commitment Statement


"Diversity is all around us. It impacts us daily, personally and professionally. We must be aware of the opportunities that diversity brings. At TriHealth, we believe that effective diversity management is key to providing quality care to our patients as well as providing a respectful and inclusive work environment. We believe that by embracing diversity, we can create a more positive, professional environment, provide an enhanced and enriched work experience for our team members and physicians, and promote continuous improvement to providing excellent and compassionate care.“
-Mark C. Clement, President and CEO

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