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Billing FAQs

How can I pay my bill?

There are four convenient ways to pay your balance:

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

Yes, TriHealth offers financial assistance. Click here for details.

How can I get an explanation of my charges?

You may contact our Single Billing Office by phone (513) 569-6117 to reach a Customer Service Representative.

Why is my statement balance not reflecting my recent payment?

Payment posting may occur after your last statement has been processed. You may contact our Single Billing Office to confirm your balance.

Why do I have multiple account numbers on my statement?

Each date of service is assigned a new account number at the time of registration. This process helps ensure the accuracy of your statement and efficiency in the billing process.

How can I update my insurance information?

You may contact our Single Billing Office by phone (513) 569-6117 or by email to provide us with your updated coverage information.

How can I obtain an itemized statement?

You may request an itemized statement by:

Why am I receiving a bill when I did not have services at a TriHealth facility?

The charges usually occur for one of the following reasons:

  • You had a lab drawn at your physician office. Physicians send lab specimens to TriHealth labs to be processed, which incurs a hospital charge.
  • You had services at one of our outpatient centers.

You may contact our Single Billing Office at (513) 569-6117 for questions about your statement.

In addition to the hospital facility statement, what other bills can I expect to receive for my services?

You may receive professional bills including but not limited to the following:

  • Anesthesia
  • ED physician - QESI
  • Pathology – Southern Ohio Pathology
  • Radiology

What are my payment options if I cannot pay my full balance?

We offer interest-free payment plans to keep your account current. We request that you commit to a monthly payment plan. Please note that a partial payment does not automatically set you up on a payment plan.

Are my new dates of service automatically added to my existing payment plan?

No, you will need to contact our Single Billing Office at (513) 569-6117 to add additional balances to your payment plan.

How can I request a refund if I overpaid?

You may request a refund by:

When does my account get sent to a collection agency?

TriHealth’s Single Billing Office will make several attempts to collect on outstanding balances. Attempts include phone calls and a series of four statements. Our intention is to ease your mind by setting you up on an interest-free payment plan for balances that cannot be paid in full. If you cannot be reached by phone or mail, your account may be referred to a collection agency.

How can I dispute a claim?

You may dispute a claim by:

TriHealth Billing and Collections Policy
Billing Attorney Requests