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Diversity Advisory Councils

Diversity Advisory Councils are the groups of people within the TriHealth organization who lead, advocate for, coordinate, inform, and support the Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. Council members will educate team members about diversity and inclusion, can assist with data gathering, be involved in establishing measures, provide insight about ways to create a more inclusive environment, and continually reinforce the company's commitment to the diversity process.

The council will also serve to suggest actions pertaining to diversity success, gain insights from the members of the organization on their perceptions of the diversity effort, and monitor progress of the diversity initiative. The council will frequently sponsor events that help to celebrate diversity and further educate the organization on the importance of diversity and inclusion to the success of the organization.

Diversity Advisory Councils at TriHealth

  • Bethesda Oak DAC
  • Bethesda North DAC
  • Corporate DAC
  • Corporate Health DAC
  • Good Samaritan DAC
  • Hospice of Cincinnati DAC

Team Member Resource Groups (ERGs)

Building on the success of its Diversity Advisory Councils - which were nationally recognized in 2013 - TriHealth has started team member resource groups (ERGs). ERGs, also known as affinity groups or business-resource groups, are team member-led and may be formed based on common culture, characteristics or shared interests/affinities. TriHealth ERGs are built on a foundation of education, talent management and community engagement. These groups add value to TriHealth by:

  • Connecting like-minded individuals and providing them with a forum for dialogue and networking
  • Energizing team members and improving their quality of life at work through a shared sense of purpose
  • Increasing team member engagement and retention

Team Member Resource Groups at TriHealth

  • TriHealth Armed Forces (TAGS)
  • TriHealth Young Professional (TYP)
  • United Resource Group for Equality (URGE)
  • Disability Awareness Resource Team (DART)

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