Health Talk Podcast: Vaccinations

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September 11, 2020
Health Talk Podcast: Vaccinations

Vaccinations play a major role in preventing disease worldwide and offer the promise of a healthy and safe post-COVID-19 world. This episode of Health Talk by TriHealth podcast features TriHealth Primary Care Physician John Proctor, MD and TriHealth Infectious Diseases Medical Director Stephen Blatt, MD, who talk about the role of vaccinations on the overall health of you and your family. They address a wide range of topics including the eradication or near-eradication of certain diseases; myths and untruths about vaccinations; adherence to recommended schedules, especially during a pandemic; studies on the impact of vaccinations and other medications on the risk of developing COVID-19, what it will take to develop herd immunity to COVID-19 and the latest on the development of a COVID-19 vaccination.

Health Talk by TriHealth is a monthly podcast to help you take charge of your healthcare and live a healthier happy life.

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