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Doctor on Call: Urinary Tract Infection

November 07, 2019
Doctor on Call: Urinary Tract Infection

The most commonly-known symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) include lower abdominal pain, increased frequency and urgency of urination but with difficulty in doing so. But what are the treatment options for this uncomfortable condition? That is the question submitted for this segment of TriHealth’s Doctor on Call by Laura from Cincinnati. Irina Gagua, MD, an internal medicine specialist with TriHealth, explains the two different types of UTI and how the treatment varies depending on which one the patient has, as well as the patient’s medical history. She also discusses the timing for expected improvement and when and if follow up care is needed.

Doctor on Call is a segment in partnership with WCPO-TV featuring TriHealth physicians answering medical questions submitted by viewers to WCPO. You can submit a question here.