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TriHealth Table Talk: Orthopedic Nurse Navigators

July 26, 2019
TriHealth Table Talk: Orthopedic Nurse Navigators

For patients requiring knee or hip replacement surgery, having access to and adhering to pre and post-surgery services can make the journey to full recovery much easier, not to mention having easy access to information and somebody to answer their questions as they arise. The orthopedic nurse navigators with the TriHealth Orthopedic and Sports Institute are advocates and partners who provide support and information necessary the help their patients on that journey. In this segment of TriHealth Table Talk, TriHealth Orthopedic Nurse Navigators Sharon Thompson, Joan Metze, and Laura Harris as they discuss how their role as advocate, educator and coordinator is making a difference for joint replacement patients.

This video was first broadcast June 19, 2019 via Facebook Live. Follow our Facebook page for more videos and health information.