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Doctor on Call: Hearing Problems in Young Children

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
June 18, 2020
Doctor on Call: Hearing Problems in Young Children

Especially at a very young age, children with hearing problems may not be able to communicate or even sometimes realize that their hearing isn’t normal. So how do you spot if your child is having serious hearing problems? Should you trust your intuition? How young can a child be tested and diagnosed and what are the indicators that doctors look for? What signs should parents be looking for to give them some idea? Did you know there may even be outward physical signs? Eric Schwetschenau MD, an ear, nose and throat specialist with TriHealth, joins this segment of TriHealth’s Doctor on Call to answer all of these questions. He also reassures parents who may be frustrated with the challenges of getting testing and care for their children as soon as possible, that TriHealth’s specialists are often able to see their children within a week of calling.


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