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Pam's New Life After Weight Loss Surgery

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April 23, 2020
Pam's New Life After Weight Loss Surgery

In her own words, Pam Brown is “Totally reinventing myself in my 40s. And I wouldn’t have done any of it without gastric bypass surgery.”

Overweight since childhood—She weighed 200 pounds in seventh grade—Pam grew to more than 400 pounds as an adult. She summoned the will to change in 2013 after enduring the pain and discomfort of sore knees and breathlessness as she climbed stairs to her concert seat, suffered through getting up and down to let people through and sat in a constricting chair. She called TriHealth Weight Management soon after and met with bariatric surgeon Kevin Tymitz, MD.

In the seven years since then, Pam has lost half her weight and gained energy and vitality. She has become a certified health and wellness coach who works with women striving to be healthier and more fit.

Pam also has written a book about gastric bypass surgery and her weight loss journey, revealing, “For decades, I allowed my weight to be a barrier between me and my life’s assignment. I had no way of even getting to where I needed to be due to fear and shame.”

A Transformed Life

As she conquered her weight, Pam took on other challenges. She earned her bachelor’s degree in health information management and advanced from a billing technician to a hospital financial counselor. She is close to completing her master’s degree.

With a flair for fashion, she searches for clothing bargains, homing in on vintage pieces and original styles. “People come down to my office just to see what I’m wearing,” she says with a smile.

Her fitness regimen varies, depending on the day or season. “I love to swim, and walking is my favorite thing.” She also enjoys stretching and yoga, doing free weights at home, taking the stairs at work and doing short workouts whenever she can.

Pam also sought a solution for knee joints that had paid the price of her excess weight. “I couldn’t get out of the car or a chair without clicking, popping and pain. I was popping ibuprofen like peanuts.

“My previous weight had misshapen my legs and caused my knees to go inward,” Pam explains. “Losing weight exposed the problem and allowed me to be a candidate for knee replacement surgery.”

Pam underwent two knee replacements three months apart in 2018-2019. Since then, she has discovered a love for hiking. She recently attended a reggae concert and stood the entire time. She and her fiancée are planning a trip to Chicago. “I can go places now. I feel normal,” she says.

Giving Back

Out of a sense of appreciation, Pam has maintained close contact with TriHealth Weight Management.

“They do amazing work and have a passion for it. They’re so understanding and patient. You’re not going to find a better crew,” Pam says.

She shares that passion, investing time in a TriHealth Weight Management online support group. She also attends monthly support group meetings whenever she can. “I pop in because people want to see a post-op patient to tell them, ‘This is what you have to look forward to.’”

Her mind is brimming with ideas, as she considers new ways to reach out to others battling weight issues. Pam’s current focus is on researching how to help parents of overweight children. She sees the need to address obesity early, sparing both children and parents pain, embarrassment and potential serious health problems later in life.

“I feel like my purpose in life is to help people,” Pam says. “I’m a cheerleader. I want to celebrate the small successes with people and help them to a healthy lifestyle.”

A look in the mirror will convince her she’s on the right track.

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