InMode: Slowing the Aging Process Without Surgery

February 22, 2021
InMode: Slowing the Aging Process Without Surgery

The aging process affects everyone. Some people notice it earlier than others and want to try and slow the process down as much as they can. Plastic surgery has been the gold standard to make this happen.

Patients now have an option to get great results such as melting fat and smoothing skin without the time commitment of surgery. InMode is a device using bipolar radio frequency that is used by plastic surgeons like William D. Tobler Jr., M.D., FACS, a double board-certified plastic surgeon with the TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation Center, where Dr. Tobler and his colleagues utilize this technology.

“There is a huge gap in treatment options for patients with surgery being the most dramatic option,” says Dr. Tobler. “The InMode device provides near surgical results without the downtime for patients who do not want to undergo surgery.”

Dr. Tobler says InMode procedures are not as powerful as surgery but have significant results with less downtime.

“A surgical facelift takes anywhere be- tween four and six hours and the possibility of a night in the hospital,” says Dr. Tobler. “A procedure using the InMode technology to achieve facelift results can be done in the office with a local anesthetic and takes about one to two hours.”

Recovery time is also lowered with InMode. It can take weeks to months for a patient to completely heal from surgery. If a patient chooses InMode, however, they typically feel better in a couple of days.

How Does it Work?

InMode uses bipolar radio frequency that goes between two probes on the device. One probe is inserted through via a small incision in the skin. The radio frequency heats the treatment area under the skin. The heat melts and shrinks the fat cells. This process then tightens the skin and underlying soft tissue.

“InMode can be used pretty much anywhere on the body,” says Dr. Tobler. “We see especially great results in the neck and jowl areas.”

The probes aren’t one size fits all. There are three different sizes that allow the technology to perform well in different areas. The Accutite probe is typically used around the eyes and upper face area. The Facetite probe is used in the lower face and neck areas. The Bodytite probe is used around the trunk, lower back, and legs.

Who is InMode For?

Dr. Tobler says InMode is indicated for many patients, but there are some groups of people who he sees it benefiting the most.

“We see patients seeking results who do not ever want surgery or aren’t currently ready for a full cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Tobler. We also see patients with risk factors precluding surgery but still want some type of rejuvenation.”

Dr. Tobler adds that many other groups also benefit from InMode. He sees many patients who are noticing sagging skin from the aging process starting and patients who have sagging skin as a result of weight loss.

“The results of InMode are long lasting,” says Dr. Tobler. “Like surgery, this doesn’t stop the aging process, it just slows it down.”

Patients interested in having a procedure with InMode need a consultation to make sure it is right for them. For more information visit