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Managing Patient Safety

Safety. TriHealth is committed to keeping our patients, community, team members and physicians safe. We have instituted stringent safety practices at all our locations such as health screening at entrances; mandatory mask-wearing for patients, visitors, team members and physicians; physical distancing; hand-washing/hand sanitizer use mandated for all team members and physicians and encouraged for all others.

  • At-the-Door Screenings
    • All TriHealth facilities are screening every person, including team members and providers, in two ways before allowing entry:
    1. Temperature check for fever
    2. Symptom screening developed by the CDC
  • Visitor Restrictions
    • TriHealth’s visitation guidelines are set to keep patients and team members safe. Check with each location before visiting. All visitors will be screened before entering a facility and must wear a mask.
  • Universal Mask Guidelines
    • TriHealth mandates that all visitors, patients, team members and physicians wear masks at all times, to help ensure the safety of everyone in our facilities and to further assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19.
      • Team members are assigned and supplied masks that have been carefully chosen specific to their type of work and the types of patients with whom they come into contact.
      • Patients and visitors who are not experiencing COVID-19-related symptoms must wear a mask for their protection and the protection of others.
  • COVID-19 Patients
    • Any patient with or under investigation for COVID-19 who is admitted to one of our hospitals is cared for with special isolation precautions by a dedicated team of physicians, nurses and other health care providers.
    • COVID-19 patient units are separated from other units at our hospitals.
    • Our highly skilled team members have been specially trained on how to care for COVID-19 patients and on how to protect themselves and others to contain the spread of illness.
  • Patient Testing Prior to Procedures
    • Patients scheduled for a procedure or surgery will be tested for COVID-19 prior to entering a care area for their medical service.

Infection Prevention and Cleaning Practices

Cleanliness. TriHealth has always been committed to safety and cleanliness, but we have increased our efforts due to recent events. Our hospitals, ambulatory locations and physician practices have trained staff and have instituted extra sanitizing practices specific to the current situation to help ensure a clean and safe physical environment.

  • Hospital Precautions
    • At TriHealth hospitals, Environmental Services team members are extensively trained and given the tools necessary to maintain a safe physical environment.
    • By using the right disinfectants and the 10-Step Cleaning Program, we effectively reduce and eliminate hospital-acquired infections based on the risks of the environment.
    • These additional protocols have been implemented to help keep everyone safe:
      • COVID-19 Readiness Team Member Training
      • Around-the-Clock Disinfection of Public Areas
      • Disinfection Audits
      • UVC (ultraviolet cleaning) Technology of all Isolation and Confirmed COVID-19 Patient Rooms
      • Investigation of Future Advancements/Techniques (such as autonomous floor cleaning machines) to keep our facilities clean.
  • Ambulatory and Practice Locations Precautions
    • TriHealth has nearly 140 locations including hospitals, ambulatory facilities and physician offices. Some safety practices are universal for all our locations. Other practices are very specific to the use of the building and the types of patients coming for care. All have set procedures in place to help ensure the safest environment for everyone.
    • Our ambulatory and physician practice locations follow these guidelines:
      • Cleaning processes that meet or exceed guidelines, utilizing hospital-grade disinfectant.
      • Exam room cleaning after every patient.
      • Registration and waiting areas cleaned several times per day.
      • Nightly overall facility deep cleaning and focused cleaning of high-touch areas.

Patient Access

Readiness. As always, do not delay care if you exhibit symptoms – our locations are safe and ready to provide care in your time of need. Our emergency departments, physician practices, diagnostic services and essential procedures are open for you when you need them. We also offer multiple options for connecting with your care providers – in-person, phone, email and video visits. Please do not wait for a symptom or condition to worsen before you seek care.

  • Expanded hours, days
    • As more people seek care, some services will be offering additional hours and days to provide you with greater access and more flexibility.
  • The type of care you need, when and where you need it
    • We offer multiple ways to find care and connect with providers:
      • Primary Care and Pediatric Providers
      • Specialists
      • Telehealth – through TriHealthNow or physician visits by phone, email and video visits.
      • Emergency Care
      • TriHealth Priority Care/urgent care
      • TriHealth Clinics at Walgreens
    • Click here for more details on all our care options.

Safety: A Shared Responsibility

Let’s all be safe. Patients can help by:

  • When available, utilizing the check-in process online at home or from your mobile device before coming to a facility.
  • Checking for any visitor restrictions specific to your appointment type or location by visiting
  • Asking about parking and entrances prior to coming to an appointment.
  • Washing your hands or using hand sanitizer prior to arrival.
  • Wearing your own mask if you have one.
  • Bringing along a digital device, such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, to remotely connect with loved ones if they are unable to be with you during an inpatient hospital stay.
  • Practicing physical distancing: keeping a safe distance (6 feet apart) from all others as you approach or are in our facility.

We are physicians, hospitals and communities working together to help you live better.