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General Visiting Hours

General visiting hours on patient care units at Bethesda North Hospital are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. After this time, visitors should follow instruction for after-hours visitors.

In some areas of the hospital, the standard visiting hours may not apply. Those areas include Maternity Services, where visiting hours are open, and the Intensive Care Unit, where visiting hours are flexible to meet the needs of patients and their visitors.

After Hours Visitors

Sometimes after-hours or overnight company may be beneficial for the patient. The patient’s nurse can be helpful in determining when this may be appropriate. Because situations change frequently, after-hours visits can be re-evaluated on a daily basis.

To provide a safe and secure environment, we ask that after 8 p.m. all visitors enter through the Emergency Department entrance. Security Department personnel will provide a visitor pass, which should be worn throughout the visit.

Visiting with Children

There are times a child’s visit can be beneficial to the patient, so we welcome young visitors. However, for their safety both physically and psychologically, as well as for the safety of our patients, children under the age of 14 are discouraged from visiting in the critical care area. If you feel there are exceptions, special arrangements must be made with the nurse caring for your family member prior to visitation.

Because we are concerned about the health and safety of your children, we ask that you consider a few tips related to their visit:

  • Hospitals need to be quiet places to allow for rest. Please consider the child’s age and normal activity level. Young children enjoy being active. Being confined to a patient room could be difficult.
  • Hospitals are not easily able to accommodate sleepy children. Therefore, if you visit with a child, please consider his or her nap time. A well-rested child will be much happier during the visit.
  • Hospitals are filled with people who may be more susceptible to germs, and young children are more likely to pick up germs. Because of this, please make sure your child is healthy prior to visiting. As a general rule of thumb, if the child has a temperature or a rash, a visit to the hospital should be postponed. Children who have been exposed to communicable diseases may be restricted from visiting. Remember that good hand washing is the first and most important line of prevention in spreading diseases.
  • Children always should be supervised closely while in any area of the hospital and remain in the physical presence of an adult (other than the patient).

Tobacco Use

To provide a safer and healthier environment for all, Bethesda North Hospital is a designated tobacco-free/smoke-free campus. Use of tobacco and smoking products while in the hospital as well as the surrounding grounds is prohibited.

Websites for Patients, Families and Friends

Free Internet-based tools are available for patients or their loved ones to build websites that keep family and friends updated on developments in the patient's condition and treatment. The websites are easy to access and navigate. They can display photos and information, and allow visitors who have been invited to leave messages for the patient. The links below will take you to web sites that allow you to create free patient pages: 

Wireless Internet

TriHealth provides free wireless Internet throughout our hospitals and other medical facilities. While on campus, use the wireless Internet settings on your computer or mobile device to locate trihealth_public from the list of available wi-fi networks.

While most websites are accessible through our free wireless Internet service, we will filter sites that conflict with our values, such as pornographic or gambling sites. At TriHealth, our values include respect for all people, stewardship, service excellence for all customers, response to community needs, respect for our spiritual heritage and valuing differences.

Technical support is provided 24 hours a day by Road Runner Business Class by calling 866 536 7676. The TriHealth support code is 09-000666.

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