Emergency Department

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At Good Samaritan Western Ridge, our 16-bed, 24-hour emergency room is ready for you at a moment’s notice. Emergencies of all types are handled on-site or – in rare cases – patients are stabilized and transferred to Good Samaritan Hospital.

Seamless Connection With Good Samaritan

As part of TriHealth, we share many of the same board-certified physicians, specially trained nurses and respiratory therapists to ensure seamless, high-quality care at both facilities.

Integrated Emergency Services

The emergency room has access to comprehensive diagnostics, such as CT scanning, at all times. Through integrated technology, records and test results are available immediately at Good Samaritan Hospital, should you require transfer and admission to the hospital. If you are transferred to the hospital, our staff can call ahead to arrange a room, so there is no waiting when you arrive.

Rape Emergency Services

24/7 on call services for rape victims provided through TriHealth’s Center for Abuse and Rape Emergency Services (CARES), by SANE-trained registered nurses.

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