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TriHealth’s Executive Health Program provides the convenience of a one-day, in-depth medical and wellness examination personalized to individual needs. With preventive screenings at its foundation, the Executive Health program takes a holistic approach that fully integrates consultations in nutrition, fitness, life balance and more. The program also offers the benefit of an in-depth women’s health consult for female executives. Designed to enhance the quality of clients’ professional and personal lives, this in-depth consult involves a 60-90 minute, one-one session to review concerns or questions specifically related to breast health, bone health, sexual health, hormone management, and menopause.

Comprehensive, Ongoing Medical Care

At the end of the day, a comprehensive report detailing results of your tests and examinations are shared along with a personalized action plan. And, your care doesn’t stop at the end of the day. Our experienced Executive Health team will assist with ongoing coordination of medical care and follow up in conjunction with your primary care physician. We also will offer continued coaching to keep you focused on your personal health goals.

Executive Health Team

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