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You should receive a confirmation email approximately 15 minutes after your enrollment is confirmed.

Fee Options

Fee per participant: $40

Paying by Check
If you would like to pay by check, please complete registration process.

As you enroll each participant, please note: ***YOU MUST CHANGE FEE OPTION BUTTON ****(below email address) and select Pay by Check to ensure a fee is not incurred at your final pay screen. You will see Total line $0 if this is done correctly. This must be done prior to completing registration form for each participant.

Once enrollment is processed via phone, checks are to be made payable to TriHealth Senior Services. Checks should be mailed to:

Attn: Jill Goodman
625 Eden Park Drive
10th Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Once you have added a new participant to the cart, there will be a survey for you to complete (link to the survey in the Additional Questions box). A survey should be completed for each registrant in the cart. Your registration is not complete until the survey has been completed for each individual and you have clicked REGISTER.

In the survey, you will be asked:

  1. What Agency/Organization are you from?
  2. What type of CEU is needed?
    A. Social work
    B. Nursing Home Administrator (BELTS)
    C. PT (Pending CEU)
    D. OT (Pending CEU)
    E. Nurse

Overview of Steps to Register:

  1. Start by clicking Add to Cart button next to the Senior Symposium Section name, date of birth, and address.
  2. Click "Save Enrollee."
  3. A box will open that allows you to add additional people or checkout. Continue steps one (1) Through three (3) until all enrollees Have been added to the cart. After the last person's information Has been entered, click the link to complete your registration and check out.
  4. Next to each enrollee's name, in the column labeled Additional Questions, there is a button to complete a survey. Do this for each registrant.
  5. Once all surveys have been completed, select the Register button from the Shopping Cart screen to complete payment.

    TriHealth Team Members Register Here

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