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Good Samaritan Faculty Medical Center

Why You Should Have a Medical Home

What is a Medical Home?

A medical home is the doctor’s office you go to if you are sick or need to get a regularly scheduled check-up.

Why should I have a Medical Home?

  • If you always go to the same place for health care, it will mean less hassle scheduling you appointments.
  • Since all of your records will be in one place, we will know your health history better and can provide better treatment.
  • You have someone to remind you when you have an upcoming appointment.
  • You will know more about your health if you are getting your healthcare from one place and are more likely to get preventative care.
  • It can save you time as you will not be sitting for hours at the ER or Urgent care for a medical visit.
  • We can help you maintain your prescriptions.
    • If you need a prescription refill for a medication that we have prescribed for you, have the pharmacy you are using contact us.

How do I become a patient?

Call 513 862 1800 to schedule a phone appointment. During your phone appointment, one of our intake nurses will gather basic health and medication information and assist you in scheduling your first appointment in the office.

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