McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital

Giving Options


Unrestricted and restricted gifts

If you want to help McCullough-Hyde now and where it's needed most, give an unrestricted gift. All unrestricted gifts go to the General Fund, which provides money for McCullough-Hyde's immediate needs. The General Fund primarily supports equipment purchases, physician recruitment and staff education.

If you want to designate your gift to a specific cause, give a restricted gift. You may restrict your gift to a hospital department or fund of your choice. Gifts directed to a department, such as cardiac rehab, allow you to help immediately and support a specific need, as they are used within one year of receipt. Several funds target specific needs from which you can choose.

Sustaining donors

A Sustaining Donor commits to make a recurring gift of any amount they choose, in an on-going manner on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. The recurring gift can be made via a personal check, an online credit card gift, an automatic credit card deduction or a regular bank draft through the FOUNDATION office, a gift of securities or other investments. Contact Chief Development Officer Mary Bennett at (513) 664-3850, and she will work with you to design the best method to establish your recurring gift.

Sustaining Donors provide a predictable and continuing income stream for the Hospital Board to plan for the future, in areas such as capital expansion, equipment purchases, education for staff, and services for patients, families and staff. Sustaining Donors help the Foundation support future hospital needs, planned as well as unplanned.

Sustaining donors can change the amount of their recurring commitment if circumstances warrant such a change, with either an increase or decrease. If you must cancel your commitment, you may do so.

Sustaining Donors are recognized in two ways:

  • Permanently on the Hospital Donor Wall at annual commitments of $500 and above on a new panel featuring Sustaining Donors.
  • Annually in the Hospital FOUNDATION Annual Report and on the Hospital Foundation webpages at annual commitments of $100 and above.

Matching gifts

This is a great way to double your charitable efforts. A third party, usually your employer, agrees to match the amount of your gift. By matching the dollar amount, your initial gift is now twice as helpful. Check with your employer to see if they offer matching gifts and request a matching gift form. Send the completed form and your portion of the gift to the FOUNDATION, and we'll complete the process.

Pledge gifts

Making a pledge gives you the benefit of making payments over time. Sometimes, a pledge allows donors to give more than they would have otherwise been able to afford, because the payments are spread out over time. Credit cards are a popular pledge payment method among our donors.

Planned gifts

Looking for a way to maximize your giving and be conscientious about your financial and tax planning? In addition to benefiting the Foundation, a planned gift can produce an annual income while still qualifying as a charitable deduction. This option also allows you to leave a legacy to future generations, knowing your gift will continue to give after you're gone. With the ability to produce annual income and still qualify for tax deductions, planned giving is an excellent option for those financially conscious donors. The most common means of planned giving are through bequests (wills), charitable annuities, charitable remainder trusts and life insurance policies.

A bequest is a statement in your will designating a dollar amount or percentage of finances to a specified party. An example of a bequest to the FOUNDATION in your will could read as:

"I give the sum of $_________, (or _______% of the remainder of my estate), to the McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital FOUNDATION of Oxford, Ohio or its lawful successor."

You can also specify a purpose for your bequest, such as continuing education for staff or placement into a specific FOUNDATION fund. Because finances can change over time, some donors choose to give a percentage, rather than a dollar amount, to avoid updating their wills.

IRA Charitable Rollover: If you are 70 1/2, you can donate up to $100,000 of your required IRA distribution to the Hospital FOUNDATION tax free. A charitable gift annuity is a gift, typically cash or stock, set up to provide you with an annual, fixed income. Aside from the standard charitable tax deduction, the income you receive from your annuity is tax-free.

Listing the FOUNDATION as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy may also provide substantial tax advantages. You can list the FOUNDATION on your existing policy or create a new one listing the FOUNDATION as your sole beneficiary. There are a number of other planned gifts that are also available. If you are interested in one of the more sophisticated planned gifts, such as a charitable remainder trust, please contact us to discuss those options.

Major gifts

If you wish to make a significant impact on McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital and are in the financial position to do so, you may wish to make a major gift. This one-time opportunity can give donors the ability to establish a fund within the FOUNDATION, or name a room, treatment area or equipment item. All donors contributing a major gift will have their name(s) listed permanently on our Donor Wall in the hospital, and may qualify for special recognition. Major gifts for McCullough-Hyde begin at $10,000. Donors making gifts between $25,000 and $50,000 are given the opportunity to establish a fund, and gifts of $50,000 or more give donors the opportunity to name a room, treatment area or special equipment item.

Memorial and honor gifts

Many of us have someone special who has made a positive impact in our lives. Giving a gift in honor or in memory of that special someone is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their presence in your life. By making a single gift of $1,000 or more, you can list your special someone on the Memorial & Honor Wall.

Or, if you prefer to make a smaller gift in memory or in honor of someone, their name will be listed in the Annual Donor Report for the year the gift was given.

Commemorative garden paver bricks

Another way to pay tribute to those special people who've made an impact in your life is with an engraved paver brick. The hospital garden features a pathway that winds through shrubs, shade trees, flowers and a naturalized waterfall. The pathway is paved with two sizes of bricks that can be engraved with a special message and/or name for either $100 or $150, depending on the size of the brick purchased. Fill out this form to order a commemorative garden brick.

Team Member giving

McCullough-Hyde team members who wish to donate to the FOUNDATION also have the option of giving through payroll deduction. You can download the enrollment form here.

Employees can choose a one-time deduction in the full amount of their contribution or they can choose to have a series of deductions for a specified amount and length of time. Payroll deduction also gives team members the opportunity to designate their gift as an honor or memorial gift or direct their gift to a specific fund.

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