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Travel Vaccine & Preventative Care Clinic

TriHealth Clinic,
Primary Care

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TriHealth Travel Vaccine & Preventative Care Clinic provides a central location for patients to receive seasonal vaccines such as Flu and COVID and other preventative services. This center also provides international travel vaccinations and consults in collaboration with TriHealth’s highly experienced Infectious Disease physicians.

Patients seeking a travel consultation who are pregnant or actively immunocompromised will be referred to one of our Infectious Disease Physicians.

Services We Provide

Individualized plan of care based on destination(s) including:

  • Assessment of health history
  • Recommended vaccines and vaccine administration
  • Prophylaxis prescription medications
  • Travel health education
  • Post travel illness evaluation 
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Travel Vaccines and Consultation Options

If you are planning any upcoming international travel, vaccines are an important piece in keeping you and your family healthy during and after your trip. Learn more about the importance of travel vaccines and medications, who should getting them, how to schedule one and when you should be scheduling yours! 
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