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TriHealth Liberty

Women's Services,
Surgical Institute,
Heart & Vascular Institute
Hours of Operation
PLEASE NOTE: Hours may differ by specific department/practice located at the TriHealth Liberty location.

Proudly Serving Butler County

TriHealth Liberty, at 8020 Liberty Way (the corner of Liberty Way and Cox Road) offers a variety of TriHealth services at a single convenient location in Butler County. This means one-stop convenience for the latest in cardiology, x-ray, primary care, physical therapy, surgery, women’s services, priority care and laboratory services.

Our Services:

  • Cardiology - When it comes to caring for your heart, you want the best care. With Cincinnati’s leading heart and vascular program, we focus on providing the least invasive option for each patient for optimal outcomes with the least recovery time.
  • Hand Surgery Specialists - Using both surgical and non-surgical approaches, we treat all problems of the hand. Our doctors have one goal for patients: to return maximum function as quickly as possible to your hand and upper extremity. Over the years, we have had thousands of successes achieving exactly that.
  • Laboratory Services - Our personal service sets us apart from other laboratories. Our pathologists and laboratory professionals know the physicians and patients in the community. We can offer a level of expertise, communication and service that is difficult to find in larger laboratories.
  • Physical Therapy/Hand Therapy - During each visit, you will be treated by our licensed, highly trained physical therapy staff that works closely with you and your physician to design an individual therapy program that best meets your specific needs. We offer high-quality care based on a personalized touch, with a strong emphasis on patient education and communication.
  • Primary Care - We specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of health problems. Our primary care providers often collaborate with TriHealth specialists to provide you with high-quality, seamless care at a moment’s notice.
  • Priority Care - When searching for an immediate care in Cincinnati, you can trust TriHealth Priority Care, where — unlike some urgent care centers — there is always a connection to a physician, and you can reserve your spot. Questions about reserving your spot? Click here to read more about this convenient service.
  • Surgery - At the TriHealth Surgical Institute, we put the patient above everything. As Cincinnati’s trusted leader in surgical care, our experts combine experience and state-of-the-art technology to deliver a comprehensive range of innovative procedures.
  • Cincinnati Urogynecology Associates - The experts at TriHealth Women’s Services Cincinnati Urogynecology Associates evaluate and treat female pelvic floor disorders using innovative non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical treatments.
  • TriHealth Associates in OBGYN - We offer a comprehensive range of gynecological and obstetrical services for women of all ages, ranging from routine exams and minimally invasive gynecology surgical options to prenatal care and testing, and labor and delivery care.