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Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Refer a Patient

As part of a continuum of care, our program is positioned to receive referrals from inpatient and residential treatment providers of care to our intensive outpatient or continuing care programs based on standard placement criteria.

For Physicians

At the TriHealth Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program, we recognize the very important role you have with providing the best care for your patients. When you are concerned about a patient having problems with their alcohol or drug use, we offer a comprehensive assessment of alcohol and drug use, problematic symptoms, and life area impairments to identify an alcohol or drug disorders diagnosis, and recommendations for level of treatment.

As his or her physician, you can express your concern and recommend a next step: a specialized assessment at the TriHealth Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program.

We encourage you to become familiar with the highly recommended protocol for quick screening and consultation, known as Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT). It has been shown to be effective for early detection of at-risk and unhealthy alcohol and drug use, and advising the patient about positive steps to take. The screens are available here, for your own information, and to suggest it to your patients. If you would like a packet with complete information for a physician about SBIRT, please call our Program Manager, Mark Davis at 513 569 6020.

For Employers

There is conclusive evidence that helping provide treatment to team members with alcohol and drug disorders is not only an opportunity for them to reclaim their health and productivity, it is cost-effective for employers. One example of this outcome is the reduction in the use of medical services by the team members' families after the treatment has been provided.

There are various ways employers can identify a team member's possible alcohol or drug problem:

  • Positive drug screens
  • Job performance problems
  • Supervisor concern

In these cases, employers can make a direct referral to our program and we can make an assessment. Or, we can work with your Employee Assistance Program to facilitate the assessment process and admission for treatment, if needed. To learn about the Employee Assistance Program that TriHealth's Corporate Health offers companies, please visit TriHealth Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Making a Referral

1. Call the Good Samaritan (513 569 6116) or Blue Ash (513 489 6011) intake office to notify us of the referral for either intensive outpatient or continuing care.

2. Please fax (Good Samaritan: 513 569 6110, Blue Ash: 513 489 1526) the following documents that comply with our admission policy and for treatment planning purposes:

  • Diagnostic assessment with DSM-V five Axes completed; Medical History and Physical when available
  • Discharge Summary and Plan
  • Insurance coverage information including phone numbers of authorizing entity and 3rd party payer, and communications with them including status of authorization for our next level of care
  • Consent form for exchanging patient information with the TriHealth Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

3. Have the patient follow up with a call to the intake office for an orientation to the program and to make arrangements for the admission to the program.


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