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Hospital Medicine

TriHealth’s team of close to 80 board-certified hospitalist physicians provide efficient, high-quality care around the clock to patients at Bethesda Butler, Bethesda North, Good Samaritan and McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospitals.

Hospitalists are doctors who diagnose problems, manage treatment, and follow progress for many patients in the hospital from the time of admission through the time of release and transition back to outpatient care. They obtain results of tests and interventions in real time and act upon them quickly.

These inpatient specialists keep in contact with primary care physicians, coordinate care with specialty physicians, and work together with nurses, therapists, and every member of the care team. They communicate with patients and families to ensure the plan of care is understood.

Hospitalists are advocates for the patients and families in TriHealth hospitals.

Medical Directors

  • Janee Bey, MD
    Chief of Hospital Medicine
  • Andrew Petersen, MD
    Regional Medical Director, Good Samaritan Region
  • Matthew Broderick, MD
    Regional Medical Director, Bethesda North Region
  • Brad Schultz, MD
    Medical Director, McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital and Bethesda Butler Hospital


  • Muayad Alzamara, MD
  • Sukh Arneja, MD
  • Deepa Bahel MDDeepa Bahel, MD
  • Sami Bdeir, MD
    Residency Teaching Attending
  • Stephen Beerman, MD
    IM Residency Teaching Attending
  • Steven Bohinc, MD
  • Joseph Boyd MD
  • Michael Butler, MD
  • Sarah Cahill, MD
  • Marco Callirgos, MD
    IM Residency Teaching Attending
  • Lauren Duerk, MD
  • Toufic Feghali, MD
  • Hilda Fernandez, MD
  • Will Geisen, DO
  • Ellis Green, MD
  • Thomas Getreu, MD
  • Eugene Grinfeld, MD
  • Justin Henderson, MD
  • Katrina Hilder, MD
  • Christopher Hoersting, MD
  • Masoud Jalilvand, MD
  • Eric Krumpelbeck, MD
  • Michael Laugle, MD
  • Jessica Lorenz, MD
  • Vicki Marinakis, MD
  • Parmbir Mavi, MD
  • Ihunanya Mbata, MD
  • Juan Carlos Mejia, MD
    IM Residency Teaching Attending
  • Angel Mena, MD
    IM Residency Teaching Attending
  • Loren Milligan, DO
  • David Morgenstern, DO
  • Sathya Nagesparan, MD
  • Anjum Najeed, MD
  • Robyn O'Brien, MD
  • Kristoffer Orocio, DO
    IM Residency Teaching Attending
  • Jacob Osterbur, DO
  • Jason Parker, MD
  • Maithili Patil, MD
  • Sonya Phillips, MD
  • Kevin Polacek, MD
  • Bridget Quinn, MD
  • Scott Ramey, MD
  • Yash Rangan, MD
    IM Residency Teaching Attending
  • Brian Rasmussen, MD
  • Caitlin Richter, MD
  • Keith Rosing, MD
  • Michael Rudemiller, MD
  • Chastity Runge, DO
  • Sohini Sameera, MD
  • Jeff Satchwell, MD
  • Seif Shahidain, MD
  • Morgan Smith DOMorgan Smith, DO
  • Michelle Sotos, MD
  • John Stubli, DO
  • Tariq Sultan, MD
  • Robert Tracy, MD
  • Anmol WadhwaniAnmol Wadhwani, MD
  • Zhenchao Wang,Zhenchao Wang, MD
  • Whitney WhitisWhitney Whitis, MD
  • Primrose WinPrimrose Win, MD