Critical Care Medicine

Expert Care Around the Clock

At TriHealth, the Intensive Care Unit is staffed by a team of board-certified pulmonary medicine, critical care and hospitalist physicians who provide the highest level of care to patients. The ICU team works closely with specialists - pulmonologists, cardiologists, oncologists and other specialties - to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care.

An ICU hospitalist is available in the unit 24 hours a day, every day of the year. A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for the patients in the hospital. Hospitalists do not have an outside medical practice. Instead they work with your primary care physician to care for you while you are in the hospital. The TriHealth ICU hospitalists are board-certified in Internal Medicine and have advanced training in Critical Care. They are full-time TriHealth employees, and are very familiar with each specialist, nurse, and clinical hospital team member. They can streamline care, improve outcomes and keep all parties informed.

How does this benefit you?

When you are a patient in a TriHealth ICU, you will have someone following your treatment and progress around the clock - from the time you are admitted until you are released - ensuring that you are receiving the best care possible while in the hospital.

This may include:

  • Admitting you to a hospital room
  • Following up on tests, ordering new tests and consulting with specialists
  • Beginning or adjusting your treatment plan
  • Answering questions you may have and discussing your care with you or, with permission, your family member
  • Organizing your follow-up care when you are ready to be released

How does your primary care physician stay informed?

The ICU team will communicate often with you primary care physician throughout your stay and upon your discharge from the ICU. This communication includes your diagnosis and treatment plan while in the hospital as well as any further testing or treatment that may be needed after you are released. Your primary care physician may also provide the ICU team with information about your medical history to help in decision-making.

Chief of Critical Care Medicine

  • Scott McCardle MD

Critical Care Intensivists

  • Brian Ashbrock, MD
  • Vikram Balakumar, MD
  • Henry Chang, MD
  • Dennis Emuron, MD
  • Chengyuan (Alex) Feng, MD
  • Rakesh Gupta, MD
  • Omar Hasan, DO
  • Christopher Hayner, MD
  • Collin Herman, MD
  • Betsy Larder, DO
  • Julian Macedo, MD
  • Syed Mahmood, MD
  • Shahla Mallick, MD
  • Amy Murphy, DO
  • Faraze Niazi, MD
  • Kiran Poudel, MD
  • Deborah Rohner, MD
  • Andrew Schoenling, MD
  • Ashley Tameron, MD
  • Andrew Vogel, MD
  • Chris Zammit, MD

Intensive Care Physicians

  • Muayad Alzamara MD
  • Sami Bdeir MD
  • Derek Gibbs MD
  • Justin Henderson MD
  • Siddharth Mushrif MD
  • Gretchen Suarez MD
  • Houston Vovan MD
  • Anmol Wadhwani DO

Critical Care Advanced Practice Providers

  • Patricia Albano-Seitz ACNP
  • Madeline Conrad PA
  • Christopher Dykyj PA
  • Adam Klever PA
  • Victoria Maring PA
  • Alyssa Moore PA
  • Erika Schmitt PA
  • Abigail Southall AGACNP
  • Anna Torline PA