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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Patient Resources

Patient Resources - Rehab

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a service that can help people regain body functions they lost due to medical conditions or injury.

Who Needs Rehabilitation?

Persons who are limited in their overall functional ability due to injury or disease need rehabilitation. This includes:

  • Brain disorders such as stroke and aneurysm  
  • Neurologic disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease
  • Injuries such as multiple trauma, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury and amputation
  • Other disabilities resulting from chronic diseases  

Financial Information

Upon your admission you will be notified of your insurance coverage. Our Care Coordinator or Admission Coordinator will be contacting your insurance company regarding your benefits.

Typically, if you have Medicare and a co-insurance or gap-filler policy, they cover 100% for the first 60 days of your total hospital stay, including acute medical care and inpatient rehabilitation.  If you have a private insurance, coverage can vary depending on your insurance company and plan.  We will contact your insurance provider and then discuss your coverage with you, including number of days approved, your deductible, your out-of-pocket expense and your benefits, such as skilled nursing facility benefits, durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, braces and bathroom equipment) and outpatient (therapy) coverage. Care management will update your insurance company weekly of your progress.

Patient and Family Resources

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Research Studies

The University of Cincinnati is offering a 6-week arm and hand rehabilitation study. To quality, you must:

  • Be age 18 or older
  • Have hand/arm weakness on one side of your body
    because of a stroke
  • Have had your stroke 3-12 months ago

More information: Call the NET Recovery Lab (513 558 7487) or email

Useful Websites


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    People with Disabilities: Living Healthy
    International Council on Active Aging
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