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TriHealth Corporate Health

Frequently Asked Questions

From injury treatment and physical examinations to DNA testing services and immigration exams, we offer a comprehensive range of occupational and health medicine services on-site at your business or at our multiple Occupational Medicine centers across the region.

Our proven professionals have been the first choice of thousands of area businesses for their expertise in every aspect of workplace health and safety.

What types of work-related injuries do you handle in your centers?

Our centers treat all work-related injuries except those that are life threatening (example: heart attack and stroke). If the injury is life-threatening, please call 911 or go to the nearest TriHealth Emergency Department at Bethesda North Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Bethesda Arrow Springs or Good Samaritan Western Ridge.

What is an MRO and what is the MRO process?

A medical review officer (MRO) is a physician certified to review drug screen results and ensures a valid result by determining if a legitimate medical reason exists for positive results. After talking with the patient, the MRO will determine if a medical explanation exists for the positive result. If so, the MRO will overturn the lab results and report the final result to the employer as negative. MRO services are an important component to drug testing, as they ensure that the result is compliant with federal and state regulations, and also protect the rights of both the team member and the employer in the drug testing process.

How quick is your turn-around on drug screenings?

Drug screen results are typically available within 24 to 72 hours.

How long can I expect my team member to be at your center?

We aim for quick treatment and return-to-work for all patients in our centers. Our patients are seen in the following order: 1) Severe injuries, 2) Scheduled appointments, 3) Non-scheduled (walk-in) patients. In order to ensure the best possible service time, please call for an appointment when possible.

Do you provide your services onsite at our company location?

With special accommodations, we are able to bring physical examinations, drug and alcohol testing, health screenings, and vaccination services to your workplace. In addition to the added convenience, our onsite services reduce cost by minimizing team members' time away from the job and maintaining productivity.

How is an occupational medicine center different from an urgent care center?

TriHealth's occupational medicine centers are the only Greater Cincinnati providers specializing in occupational health and medicine. This means our priority is keeping your team members safe and on the job, and getting them back to work quickly. An urgent care center does not specialize in occupational medicine and will treat the general public's medical needs.