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Stroke and Cerebrovascular Care


Chris Zammit, MD, Medical Director for Stroke and Neuro Sciences Critical Care, reviews the causes and signs of a stroke.

Learn how you can spot a stroke here.

Every Second Counts

TriHealth is a known leader for stroke care in the Greater Cincinnati area. When someone is suffering from a stroke, every second counts, and the patient requires immediate attention for the best chance of recovery. TriHealth's Stroke Program is a comprehensive system of care dedicated to providing timely access to treatment wherever you live. We strive to increase community awareness, reduce disability, and improve patient outcomes by providing the following:

Promoting public prevention messages throughout the community.

Multidisciplinary and specialized team trained in stroke recognition and management.

Partnering with local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to improve care for patients suffering from a stroke.

6 accredited emergency departments across the tri-state area.

Rapid transfer of patients in need of advanced care to our Thrombectomy Capable Center (Bethesda North Hospital) or our Comprehensive Stroke Center (Good Samaritan Hospital).

Comprehensive 24/7 neurological care, including evaluation and management for the first 48-72 hours by our Stroke and Neuroscience Emergencies (STANSE) Team.

Providing Complex Stroke Care for the Greater Cincinnati Area

For over 30 years, our Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU) located at Good Samaritan Hospital has been nationally recognized for providing excellence in care for patients suffering acute neurological conditions.

  • Gold Plus
  • AHA Silver Plus
  • MHMH Acute Stroke Ready Hospital AHA designation
Comprehensive Stroke Center
Good Samaritan Hospital
Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Center (TSC)
Bethesda North Hospital
Primary Stroke Center
Bethesda Butler Hospital
Acute Stroke Ready Hospital
McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital
Acute Stroke Ready Emergency Department
Bethesda Medical Center at Arrow Springs
Acute Stroke Ready Emergency Department
Good Samaritan Western Ridge
Good Samaritan Stroke Center
375 Dixmyth Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220