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Podiatrists at TriHealth are experts in the care and treatment of the foot and ankle throughout a patient’s life, ranging from childhood problems through the issues of aging, including injury, disease and deformity. Disorders we treat include:

  • Bunion – a prominence at the big toe joint
  • Varus deformity – foot that turns inward
  • Diabetic arthropathy – arthritis due to loss of sensation
  • Hammer toe – misshapen toe
  • Fracture – broken bone
  • Jones fracture – long bone break on outer aspect of foot
  • Osteomyelitis – bone infection
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome – compression of nerve in the heel area
  • Neuroma – an enlarged nerve
  • Metatarsalgia – irritation to the bones by the toe area
  • Pes cavus – high arch foot
  • Club foot – genetic deformity of the foot
  • Neuropathy – loss of sensation in the foot

Our podiatric surgeons have expertise in:

  • Biomechanics – how a patient walks
  • Diabetic care – comprehensive care of the feet
  • Fracture care – both conservative and surgical treatment for foot and ankle
  • Nerve testing – to determine nerve damage or compression
  • Orthotics – specialized shoe inserts to correct how a person walks
  • Pain management – for a multitude of lower extremity conditions
  • Reconstructive surgery – due to trauma, deformity or malformation
  • Surgical neurolysis – surgical decompression of a nerve
  • Wound and ulcer care – both venous and diabetic
  • Limb salvage – multidisciplinary approach to prevention of amputation
  • Vascular evaluation – Doppler studies that determine adequacy of blood flow