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TriHealth Orthopedic & Sports Institute


Patients now have broader access to superior orthopedic care. Two powerhouse providers — Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and TriHealth Orthopedic & Sports Institute — have teamed up to transform orthopedic care in Greater Cincinnati and provide a model for partnership between independent physicians and health systems.

The benefits of this landmark affiliation for the patients of Beacon Orthopaedics and TriHealth include access to:

  • Seamless care from minor injuries to major surgeries,
  • The most comprehensive orthopedics and sports medicine program in the Tri-State region, and
  • Complementary and coordinated strengths of leading independent providers of orthopedic services.

TriHealth and Beacon provide expertise in orthopedics while offering a comprehensive range of specialized services including total joint replacement, arthroscopy of the hip, knee, ankle and shoulder, hand/upper extremity care, foot and ankle care, fracture care and physical therapy.

Arthroscopic Surgery

The benefits of arthroscopy involve smaller incisions, faster healing, a more rapid recovery, and less scarring.

Diagnostic Testing and Imaging

We have offered expertise in MRI and EMG for years. Learn more about our tests and how to prepare for them.

Hand Surgery

Our specially-trained hand surgeons, now with Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, provide the care to help you from a a range of hand disease and injuries that can often be incapacitating.

Joint Replacement Surgery

TriHealth and Beacon Orthopaedics partner to offer joint replacement surgery, with hip replacement and knee replacement being most popular. Hip joint and knee joint replacements are helping people of all ages live pain-free, active lives. Beacon Orthopaedics offers hip and knee replacements in an outpatient setting.

Spine and Neck Surgery

Beacon Orthopaedics comprehensive spine program provides quick access to a dedicated spine physicians. Orthopedic spine and neck experts are committed to providing advanced solutions for neck and back pain.

Orthopedic Trauma

The TriHealth Orthopedic trauma program provides Level 3 trauma services for the most serious orthopedic injuries through TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital and TriHealth Bethesda North Hospital. Dr. Jason Welter, now with Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, can also see orthopedic trauma injuries at select Beacon locations.

Interventional Pain and Spine

Our Interventional Pain and Spine specialists use the knowledge of the physiology of pain and specialized tests for diagnosing painful conditions to treat pain with appropriate prescriptions and interventional procedures.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians specialize in diagnosing and treating all neck and back pain issues using a comprehensive non-surgical approach.

Physical Therapy

TriHealth therapists have years of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine.


Podiatrists at TriHealth are experts in the care and treatment of the foot and ankle throughout a patient’s life

Sports Medicine

Through surgery, rehabilitation or preventive conditioning, our experts at TriHealth and Beacon Orthopaedics get you back in the game.

Urgent Injury Care

Timely, accessible, expert care is available to those experiencing an orthopedic injury, by specialists who are ready to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

TriHealth Orthopedic and Spine Institute
TOSI: 513 246 2300
Beacon: 513 354 3700