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Post Concussion Syndrome Program

Post-concussive syndrome is a complex disorder where symptoms of a concussion can last months to years after the original injury. There is no correlation between the severity of the concussion and the risk of developing post-concussive syndrome. To be diagnosed, a patient must have symptoms of the concussion for more than 3 months after the initial injury. Most concussion symptoms will resolve in 7-10 days to 3 months.

It is important to see a medical expert such as a member of the TriHealth Concussion Program team to determine the diagnosis and have appropriate treatment. It is important that a concussion specialist also treats underlying medical issues such as mental health issues, chronic headache disorders, neurological issues, or musculoskeletal injuries that can cause headaches. Treatment for post-concussion syndrome typically requires a multi-disciplinary approach including physicians, physical therapists, vestibular therapist, occupational therapist, psychology, and neuropsychology.

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