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Reimbursement Process for TriHealth Medical Insurance Carriers

TriHealth team members and family on the Blue Connection health plans should pay the full amount up front for a visit to TriHealthNow, but will receive a reimbursement. Team members with the HMO plan will receive a $44 reimbursement through Anthem, making a visit to TriHealthNow $5 following that reimbursement. Team members with the HD80 plan will have the $49 visit go toward their deductible upon submitting Anthem Medical Claim. Coinsurance will apply if your deductible is met making the price per encounter $9.80 on HD80 Blue Connection and $17.15 on HD80 Blue Access. To receive your reimbursement, follow these steps:

  1. Print TriHealthNow receipt: Following a completed TriHealthNow visit, patient will receive an email with a link to access their visit summary. View and print your receipt from within that summary.
  2. Print Anthem medical claim form: You can click here to download and print the form, or visit HR Central>Quick Links>All Forms>Benefit Forms>Anthem Medical Claim Form
  3. Submit claim form with receipt: Follow the instructions on the Anthem Medical Claim Form and submit it to Anthem with a copy of the TriHealthNow receipt.

For Non-TriHealth Insurance Carriers

Visits are just $49 and secure credit card payment makes it easy, convenient, and safe. You will be provided an electronic receipt that can be submitted to your health plan provider for possible reimbursement* dependent on your carrier and plan.

*TriHealtth does not guarantee other-carrier reimbursement for non-TriHealth insurance plans.

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