Pay Your Bill


Pay via MyChart (NEW)

MyChart now provides a convenient way to pay your bill, review test results, request appointments and renew prescriptions online.

Other Payment Methods

Financing Through CarePayment


TriHealth has partnered with CarePayment to give you more financing options. We know that life happens and sometimes you need longer payment terms or more flexible options to pay your medical bills. CarePayment is a 0% interest financing option that is easy to manage and flexible. Should you receive a welcome packet from CarePayment, simply follow the instructions to set up your account and/or make your payment and you’re automatically enrolled.

  • If your account balance is not resolved after you’ve received three (3) statements from TriHealth or established a payment plan, we will send your account on to CarePayment.
  • Please note that you may have statements from both TriHealth and CarePayment. Both are valid and will not duplicate accounts.

We thank you in advance for paying your bills timely. As always, if you have questions, we are here to help. If your account balance is with TriHealth, please call 513 569 6117. If your account balance is with CarePayment, please call 1 866 625 8532 or visit their website at

Financial Counseling

  • For information regarding Financial Assistance or Financial Counseling, click here.

Need to Pay Your Corporate Health Invoice?

We offer eBill free to our client companies, reducing paper usage and saving you the cost of postage.

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