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TriHealth Live: Natural Childbirth

July 27, 2021
TriHealth Live: Natural Childbirth

Some moms-to-be may want a natural childbirth experience, but are unsure if they can have that experience and still give birth in a hospital. Others just might be curious about what it is and want to figure out their birth plan.

Learn more about natural childbirth and what options are available to expecting families in this episode of TriHealth Live, featuring TriHealth certified nurse midwives Christy Chipps, MSN, CNM and J. Christy Ganshirt, CNM, MSN; along with Amy Lowe, a labor and delivery nurse and chair of the Natural Childbirth Committee at Good Samaritan Hospital. They are joined by Erin Duffy and her daughter Fiona, who was born at Good Samaritan via natural childbirth. Hear from Erin about her experience and the decision for natural childbirth.

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