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Unmedicated Birth

For women who desire an unmedicated childbirth experience, attending childbirth education classes can help you prepare for your baby's arrival. During these classes, you'll learn how to deal with pain during labor and delivery, as well as proper diet and exercise during your pregnancy.

For a complete list of maternity and parenting classes click here.

Many classes will help you in developing a birth plan. Discuss your birth plan with your health care provider. TriHealth will support a mother’s birth plan as long as it’s medically safe for both mother and baby. If support from a doula is a part of your plan, know that TriHealth welcomes doulas in all three delivery hospitals. Talk to your provider about Doula involvement during the labor process.

TriHealth provides modern and comfortable private rooms for all maternity patients. Unmedicated childbirth plans are supported in all Labor & Delivery suites. Each hospital also provides dedicated Natural Childbirth suites. Our Unmedicated Childbirth support team of nurses, midwives and physicians will be here to support you and make your birth experience special, focused on you and your family.

  • Private rooms with a comfortable birthing bed
  • Private bathroom with walk-in shower
  • Portable labor tubs (Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda North Hospital)
  • High-touch, low intervention birth within a hospital setting that includes Level III NICU (Good Samaritan Hospital) and Level II Harold and Margret Thomas Special Care Nursery (Bethesda North Hospital) and nursery services at all TriHealth maternity hospitals
  • Unmedicated childbirth team dedicated to supporting your birth plan
  • Wireless monitoring for movement and positioning options during labor
  • Music therapy
  • Birthing balls, peanut balls and other comfort measures
  • Comfortable space for family and friends
  • Microwave and kitchen area in dedicated Natural Childbirth suites (Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda North Hospital)
  • Room service for mom and her birthing partner
  • Rocking chair
  • Flat-screen TV with cable and on-demand movies
  • Wireless internet access
  • Classes tailored for families seeking unmedicated childbirth

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