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Women's Health Services

Your Stay at TriHealth

Our spacious private labor and delivery, and recovery suites feel more like home than a hospital. Here, our healing environment combines soft colors and natural finishes with state-of-the-art birthing equipment to provide you and your baby the safest birth possible. The care continues in our state-of-the art postpartum rooms. Rooms also include sleeper seating for guests eagerly awaiting the birth of your baby.

Your Hospital Stay During Labor and Delivery

Having a baby is an exciting time and brings with it many new experiences. We want you to have the best stay possible in the short time you are here. Our goal is to meet your expectations, while giving you an idea of what to expect when you are here. The average length of stay is less than two to three days. There is a lot to do in that short time, and you will experience multiple interruptions in your day with visits from staff members who are there to ensure you and your baby have everything you need before your discharge.

Having a baby takes a lot of energy. If you feel you are someone who requires additional down time, you may consider limiting your visitors so you have more time to rest and less time being a host.

After discharge from the hospital you may receive a follow up phone call from one of the nurses from the Post-Partum Unit. This call is provided to check to see how things are going at home and answer any questions you may have regarding your discharge instructions. If you are not at home we will leave a message allowing you the opportunity to return the call.


Postpartum Stay

The personalized care you receive in Labor and Delivery continues after you recover – even when you return home.

Family-Centered Rooms

After you deliver your baby, you'll be moved to one of our postpartum rooms. Our goal is to create a home-like, comfortable environment for you and your baby to spend the next day or two. Since this is a time to learn more about caring for your baby – especially important for first-time moms – you can keep your baby in the postpartum room with you as much as you want. We also have flexible visiting hours and in-room sleeper seating so your family can spend time together.


Expert Care for You and Baby

Our staff takes every precaution to ensure the safety and security of you and your baby. The nurse who cares for you during your postpartum stay is also your baby’s nurse. She is available to help you learn more about feeding, bathing and other care your baby will need. Once you return home, if your insurance covers a home visit, a nurse will come to your home to answer your questions and make sure you and your baby are getting off to a healthy start together. Also, our Women’s HealthLine is a great resource for any questions you may need answered. Call us any time at 513 475 4500.

Additional Resources for Your Stay

TH 4 BABY Phone Number
Call 1 833 844 2229 to make an appointment.
TriHealth Women39s HealthLine
Mom-to-be looking for an OB-GYN physician or midwife?

Find a provider here.