Women's Health Services

FAQ’s After Your baby Goes Home

Who Should I Call with Questions about My Baby’s Discharge Instructions?

Please call the NICU Care Coordinator  at 513 862 2372

Who Can I Call if I’m Confused about My Baby’s Feeding or Formula Recipe?

You can contact the NICU Nutritionist  at 513 862 7711

If I Have Problems or Questions Related to Breastfeeding My Baby, Who Can Help?

NICU Lactation Consultants are ready to answer your questions at 513 862 7710 or 513 862 7867

Who Should I Contact to Get My Baby’s Birth Certificate or Social Security Card?

Good Samaritan Birth records - 513 862 7776

If I Have Questions about My Baby’s Hospital Bill, Who Can I Contact?

Good Samaritan Financial Counselors are ready to answer your questions at 513 862 4407

What if I Have Questions about the Neonatologist or Pediatric Specialist Bills?

CCHMC Financial services  will be able to answer those questions at  513 636 4427

NICU - main
Main # 513 862 2627
NICU - Toll-Free
Toll-Free # 800 243 8698
NICU - address
375 Dixmyth Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220