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Centering Pregnancy


Centering Pregnancy is a model of group prenatal care that includes three major components: health assessment, education and support. Eight to twelve women with similar gestational ages meet together for discussions focused on pregnancy, birth, nutrition, breastfeeding, child care, safety and new mothering issues.

Benefits of Centering Pregnancy Group Meetings:

Groups meet for a total of 10 sessions throughout pregnancy and the early postpartum period. Postpartum visits are an opportunity for moms to:

  • Introduce their new addition to the group
  • Follow up with postpartum care/concerns
  • Share their birthing experience

Hearing other women share concerns, which often mirror their own, helps these women normalize the whole pregnancy experience. Groups also are empowering as they provide support to the members and increase individual motivation to learn and change.

What to Expect:

Patients meet with their care provider and other group participants for 90-120 minutes, at 10 regularly scheduled visits over the course of their care. Though longer than a traditional visit, there is no waiting room time, no registration process and no exam room wait time.

At the start of a typical session, patients:

  • Have a brief individual assessment with the care provider
  • Take part in self-care activities
  • Use self-assessment tools to begin thinking about key topics
  • Enjoy refreshments
  • Have informal conversation with the other participants

When the group "circles up" there is discussion facilitated by the care provider about health topics that build on the group's understanding and shared experiences. Groups are lively, interactive, and patient-centered/driven. It is not what the provider wants to discuss, but what the patient needs to talk about.

Through this unique model of care, each woman is empowered to choose health-promoting behaviors for herself, her new baby as well as her entire family. Spanish Centering and Uzbek Centering groups are available at the Bethesda North OB-GYN Center, offering classes in the patients’ primary language.

Learn More:

Call (513) 865-1631 to talk to someone about joining a Centering Pregnancy group through the OB-GYN Center | Bethesda North.

Call (513) 862-2563 to talk to someone about joining a Centering Pregnancy group through the OB-GYN Center | Good Samaritan.

Call (513) 751--5900 to talk to someone about joining a Centering Pregnancy group through the TriHealth Nurse Midwives.

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