Maternity Services Include:

  • All pregnancy-related clinic visits
  • Delivery with or without anesthesia
  • Delivery and hospital care for mother and baby in accordance with the maternity discharge program (48 hours for a vaginal delivery and 96 hours for a C-section)
  • Anesthesiologist’s fee
  • Obstetric physician’s fee
  • Inpatient pediatrician’s fee – one visit at time of delivery
  • One home nurse visit after delivery (if discharged early – see above)
  • Mother’s six-week postpartum check-up
  • Pregnancy-related outpatient diagnostic services performed and processed at TriHealth
  • Circumcision for male newborns when performed during the hospital stay
  • Admissions for observation less than 24 hours
  • In-hospital breastfeeding support

Gynecologic Services Include:

  • Routine gynecological check-ups and Pap tests
  • Management of menopause symptoms
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Treatment for urinary incontinence
  • Nutritional education
  • Referral Good Samaritan Hospital Breast Center or Mary Jo Cropper Center for mammography