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OB-GYN Centers

Our OB-GYN Centers offer affordable pregnancy and women’s health care – provided by our residents – under the direction of experienced faculty physicians. Our goal is to deliver the comprehensive, cost-effective maternal and gynecological health care that you and your baby deserve.

Our OB-GYN Center Offers Advanced Maternity Care

As an expectant mother, you want the best care for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Our staff uses a coordinated, patient-centered approach to ensure that you and your baby are receiving the best care possible.

Special Services for Maternity Patients

In addition, delivering your baby at either Bethesda North or Good Samaritan Hospital, gives you access to all the resources and special services we offer to all our maternity patients, including:

  • Perinatal care coordination – Only TriHealth hospitals offer the personal touch of care coordination for all maternity patients. A TriHealth perinatal care coordinator will help you through your pregnancy by providing you with educational materials and helping you schedule classes or fill out the hospital’s paperwork. If additional services are necessary, she will help you get the assistance you need.
  • Birth options – We will work with you and your physician to provide a birth experience that will meet your needs. Talk to your care coordinator and your physician about birth options that interest you.
  • Breastfeeding services – Skilled, experienced lactation nurses are available to help you with breastfeeding your baby in the hospital and after you go home. An outpatient breastfeeding center is available for follow-up education and to help you purchase bras, breast pumps and other items.
  • Centering Pregnancy* - Centering brings pregnant women together for group support, education and discussions about pregnancy. The discussions are focused on pregnancy, birth, nutrition, breastfeeding, child care, safety and new mothering issues. This program is especially beneficial to teens. These focused gatherings, combined with one-on-one time with the provider, empower all women to better understand their physical and emotional journeys through pregnancy and motherhood. 
    *Spanish Centering and Uzbek Centering groups are available - offering classes in the patients’ primary language.

OB-GYN Center Payment Options

The OB-GYN Centers accept Medicaid products, Medicare, Healthy Start and many other insurance plans. Financial counseling is also available. If you are pregnant, don’t put off getting the care you and your baby need for a healthy start just because you’re afraid you can’t afford it. Let us help you find out about financial assistance that might be available to you.

Our Locations

OB-GYN Center at Bethesda North
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OB-GYN Center at Good Samaritan Hospital
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