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TriHealth Roots Run Strong on the West Side

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November 16, 2020
TriHealth Roots Run Strong on the West Side

You may not consider TriHealth to be a “family business,” but for the West-Side-raised Reilly family, that’s exactly what it is.

  • Eugene, Kevin, Gerry, and Patrick Reilly are all TriHealth physicians.
  • Kevin Reilly, MD, is a surgeon and sports medicine physician with the TriHealth Orthopedic & Sports Institute and he’s also one of the team physicians for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Gerry Reilly, MD, is an OB-GYN with Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers who delivers at both TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda North Hospital.
  • Eugene Reilly, MD, is a family medicine physician at TriHealth’s White Oak Family Practice, maintaining his lifelong West Side roots by practicing near the area of Cincinnati where he grew up.
  • Patrick Reilly, MD, also a family medicine physician, is his nephew and partner in the White Oak practice.
  • Liz Reilly, Eugene’s daughter, is an occupational therapist at the TriHealth Rehabilitation Hospital.

Because Patrick and Eugene share an office, they are together all day, every day – including weddings, funerals, and family vacations.

While Patrick enjoys working with and seeing his uncle every day, he is very appreciative of his whole medical family.

“It’s nice because I have really good mentors and I trust them implicitly,” he said. “I can refer patients and know that they’ll get good care.”

Patrick always had a goal in mind to go into practice with his uncle. He grew up in Westwood, so his West Side heritage always was there. He served his residency at Bethesda North Hospital (even delivering babies with his uncle!), and was then recruited by White Oak Family Practice – allowing him to achieve his goal and stay on the West Side, remaining around his family.

Eugene and Patrick both bring unique aspects to their practice. Patrick is younger and more recently out of medical school, while Eugene has more experience. This allows them to help each other out with trickier cases, and brings familiarity to patients who may be seeing one of them for the first time.

Patrick considers himself to be part of a new generation of medical Reillys – though he said that because Eugene is the youngest of 8 children, Eugene would group himself in with the younger generation. There are advantages to having younger and older generations – each can give and receive advice.

And the Reilly family medical phenomenon extends even further with this generation. Patrick has cousins in the medical field all throughout the country, including Washington, D.C., Charlotte, and Akron, making medicine truly a family affair for the Reillys.

Back here in Cincinnati, Patrick loves practicing on the West Side. “I get to help take care of the people who helped take care of me,” he said. “We laughed growing up that everyone on the West Side is related and the community can feel like a big family. It’s great to have the opportunity to serve the community that served me so well as a kid.”

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