Behavioral Health and Psychiatry

Day Treatment Program

The Partial Hospitalization Program at Good Samaritan Hospital is a short-term, outpatient mental health program for adults age 18 and above. Treatment is more intensive than what's available in an office setting.

Participants can expect:

A reduction or resolution of problem symptoms as well as improvement in day-to-day functioning. 

  • Greater insight and self-confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved decision-making
  • The ability to make a successful return to work, school or other duties.

All patients are admitted into the Partial Hospitalization Program.

  • Meets Monday thru Friday with five to six hours of daily groups
  • All clinical specialties involved
  • Daily involvement of physician
  • After hours psychiatric coverage
  • Often used as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization

After completing the partial hospitalization program, some patients will then transition to the intensive outpatient program.

  • Meets two or three days per week with up to three hours of daily groups
  • Selected groups based on patient needs
  • Physician involvement
  • Used to transition to outpatient treatment

Treatment: How it Works

Treatment is primarily group therapy and uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy treatment model which stresses the impact of thoughts upon emotions and behaviors.

The primary group therapies include: 

  • Cognitive psychotherapy
  • Assertiveness training
  • Art therapy
  • Family dynamics
  • Occupational therapy
  • Stress management
  • Goal-setting groups

Treatment begins with an assessment by the Day Treatment Program psychiatrist and selective members of the interdisciplinary team. The patient then meets with the interdisciplinary team members every few days to assess progress in program and effects of the medications.

The interdisciplinary treatment team includes a board-certified psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, registered nurse, occupational therapist, and an art therapist.

Key Features

  • Our Day Treatment Program features a short-term, outpatient mental health program for adults age 18 and above who need treatment that's more intensive than what's available in a typical office setting, but do not require inpatient hospitalization.
  • The program meets 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday.
  • Patients may be self-referred or referred by their primary care physician, psychiatrist or therapist.
  • The program provides confidential mental health treatment in a structured and supportive environment.
  • Treatment may be used as alternative in inpatient psychiatric treatment or as a transitional treatment following an inpatient hospitalization.
  • Treatment typically ranges from eight to 15 treatment days over a two to four-week time period.
  • Treatment is primarily group therapy and uses the Cognitive Behavior Therapy treatment model which stresses the impact of thoughts upon emotions and behaviors.
  • A voucher is provided for lunch in the hospital cafeteria and free parking is available in the visitor parking garage at Good Samaritan.

Other Benefits of Treatment

The Day Treatment Program assists our clients to establish their ongoing mental health aftercare and works collaboratively with established outpatient physicians and therapists.
Day Treatment Program clients also benefit by the availability of psychiatric inpatient care as well as other medical, diagnostic, and emergency services  located at the Good Samaritan Hospital.


The Good Samaritan Hospital Day Treatment Program is a Medicaid and Medicare provider. Most private insurance plans are also accepted. Our intake office will verify insurance coverage and obtain any needed preauthorization for treatment.

Day Treatment Program
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