Precision Medicine & Genetic Services

Personalized Care is Better Care

No two people are the same. Precision medicine, sometimes called Personalized Medicine, is an approach to healthcare that takes advantage of each person’s unique set of genes, environment and lifestyle to personalize a care plan. TriHealth Precision Medicine provides genetic services and the latest genetic technology to help prevent, diagnose or treat a variety of health conditions. With a precision medicine approach, patients work with their care team and genetic counselors to learn what factors are most important to prevent disease and improve health outcomes.

More families seek genetic services at TriHealth than any other regional health system.

Genetic experts are part of multi-discplinary care teams across many TriHealth specialties.

We are here to address your genetic related questions about cost, privacy and insurance.

Urgent appointments are available so that treatment is not delayed.

What type of genetic information are you looking for?

Cardiovascular Genetics
Precision Oncology
Hereditary Cancer Genetics
Neurology Genetics
Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
Prenatal and Preconception Genetics
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