Precision Medicine & Genetic Services

What is Precision Medicine?

No two people are the same. Precision medicine, sometimes called Personalized Medicine, is an approach to healthcare that takes advantage of each person’s unique set of genes, environment and lifestyle to personalize a care plan. TriHealth Precision Medicine provides genetic services and the latest genetic technology to help prevent, diagnose or treat a variety of health conditions. With a precision medicine approach, patients work with their physicians and genetic counselors to learn what factors are most important to prevent disease and improve health outcomes.

What type of genetic information are you looking for?

Hereditary Cancer Genetics

Learn about hereditary cancer risks based on family history or personal diagnosis of cancer.

Precision Oncology

Learn more about how genetic testing of cancer cells or tumor can guide cancer treatment and clinical trial options

Prenatal & Preconception Genetics

Learn more about genetic testing prior to pregnancy or during pregnancy. 

Cardiovascular Genetics

Learn more about heart disease risk based on family history or diagnosis of certain heart conditions.

Learn more about how Pharmacogenomics (PGx) can help your providers choose the right medication for you.

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