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Tumor Genomic Testing

Precision Medicine in Oncology

Precision Oncology

Delivering personalized treatment based on your unique cancer genomics and biomarkers.

If you have a cancer diagnosis, you are seeking world-class care close to home. Because every cancer is unique, our innovative medical oncologists utilize state-of-the-art testing to select the right treatment plan for you.

TriHealth: The largest personalized medicine program for adults in Cincinnati

Precision Oncology Testing at TriHealth can include these types tumor DNA and hereditary tests:

  • Solid tumor genomic profile of more than 600 genes and markers to determine best treatment option
  • Circulating tumor DNA (Liquid Biopsy) looking for tumor DNA in blood
  • Minimal Residual Disease is a test that looks for any tumor DNA in your blood to monitor for any signal of cancer
  • Prognostic testing to inform likely outcomes
  • Pharmacogenomics looks at how your genes can affect your response to medications
  • Hereditary gene testing can determine if you have an inherited cancer risk 

The results of these tests may help to:

  • Identify personalized treatments that are more likely to be effective with fewer side effects
  • Learn more about what is “driving” your cancer to identify targeted therapies
  • Determine if your cancer would respond to immunotherapy
  • Match you with clinical trials and research opportunities
  • Consider alternate cancer therapies over time if your cancer progresses
  • Predict the risk of recurrence, or the return of cancer over time

With broad tumor profiling:

  • 600+ tumor biomarkers can be analyzed
  • 26% of patients tested are matched to FDA-approved precision therapies in their tumor type
  • 75% of patients have at least one relevant clinical trial based on tumor biomarkers

Take the Next Step:

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What to Expect:

  • Personalized biomarker testing
  • Expert review with our Precision Oncology team and personalized recommendations
  • Multidisciplinary clinic specialists for specific types of cancer
  • Molecular Tumor Board review for complex cases
  • Consideration of clinical trials

Your TriHealth Precision Oncology Team

Your multidisciplinary team includes Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Pathologists, Radiologists, Nurses, Genetic Counselors, Clinical Research Coordinators, Genetic Specialty Lab Coordinator, and Laboratory partners. The team coordinates advanced care to identify your personalized treatment plan.

What is Tumor Testing?

Tumor genomic analysis allows us to predict which treatments will work best for your specific cancer and which could be ineffective.

There are several ways to obtain a tumor DNA sample. A biopsy or surgical sample of tissue can be sent to the lab for testing. Some tumors will shed tumor DNA into the patient’s blood stream. A blood sample can also be collected to evaluate tumor DNA. This is also called a “liquid biopsy.”

Testing tumor DNA can identify biomarkers that personalize treatment utilizing therapies that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or available through clinical trials.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a groundbreaking treatment that harnesses your own immune system to fight cancer. We routinely test tumor markers to determine whether immunotherapy would be an effective treatment for you. Tumor test results may show immunotherapy as an alternative to traditional chemotherapy.

Molecular Tumor Board

A group of clinical experts and oncology scientists meets regularly to review your tumor profiling test results and to make therapy recommendations. Every TriHealth Cancer and Blood Institute patient is considered for review and can benefit from a multidisciplinary team’s input.

Clinical Trial Matching Based on Tumor Genomic Testing

Your tumor biomarkers may match you with a clinical trial. A clinical trial may provide additional treatment options for patients with advanced disease. TriHealth is part of a network supporting rapid local activation and enrollment for a large portfolio of clinical trials.

Genetic Counseling and Hereditary Risk Assessment

About 5-10% of people with cancer have an inherited gene mutation (a mutation that can be passed on from one generation to the next that increases cancer risk). Sometimes an inherited gene mutation is found while doing tumor testing, and this may help to determine treatment options. An inherited mutation can also be important for your relatives who may have a higher risk for cancer. Click here for more information about Hereditary Cancer Genetic Counseling and testing at TriHealth. To schedule an appointment, call (513) 853-4363 and ask for a cancer genetic counseling appointment. Meet our expert Genetic Counselors here: Our Team Genetic Counselors | TriHealth

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