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Precision Medicine & Genetic Services

Prenatal & Preconception Genetic Counseling Services

When expanding your family, you want compassionate care where you feel heard.

All pregnancies have a chance for certain health problems. Our genetic counselors can discuss important information specific to your pregnancy and family history and help support you in making decisions about whether genetic testing feels right for your family. Your genetic test results may impact your pregnancy management, help you to feel prepared for the arrival of your baby, or inform you about the chance of a future pregnancy with a genetic condition. We are here to listen to your unique concerns, explain your results and testing options in a way that you understand, and make referrals to other appropriate healthcare professionals when necessary.

Both the Good Samaritan Hospital Seton Center for Advanced Obstetrics and Bethesda North Hospital Perinatal Center provide comprehensive prenatal genetic counseling services. Our board-certified genetic counselors are masters-trained healthcare professionals who provide individual counseling to families at risk for having a child with a birth defect or genetic condition. These services are available both before and during pregnancy.

Who might be referred for prenatal/preconception genetic counseling services?

Your health care provider may refer you to speak to a genetic counselor if you have:

  • General questions about genetic testing options prior to or during pregnancy
  • Concerns about results from a previous ultrasound or genetic test
  • A family history of a birth defect or genetic condition
  • Environmental exposures during pregnancy, such as certain medications
  • A history of stillbirth or recurrent pregnancy loss
How should I prepare for my appointment?

Before your appointment, your genetic counselor will review any relevant testing that you’ve had performed at TriHealth, including previous ultrasounds and genetic testing. If you’ve had genetic testing performed outside of TriHealth, such as through your fertility specialist, it may be helpful for you to bring copies of those results to the appointment. If you are having genetic counseling due to a family history of a genetic condition, a copy of your family member’s genetic test results is also helpful. And, always feel free to write down any questions that you have to bring to the appointment.

During your appointment, you’ll be asked about known health problems for you or your relatives, and about any possible pregnancy complications or exposures. Your genetic counselor will review this information with you, and discuss your options for additional testing before, during, or after pregnancy. If you choose to complete any testing, your genetic counselor will help to facilitate your testing and contact you with your results once available.

Please note, fasting prior to genetic testing is not required, but if you are having any other bloodwork performed on the day of your appointment, please ask your ordering provider.

How do I schedule an appointment with a prenatal/preconception genetic counselor?

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor to discuss reproductive risks and testing options, a referral from your physician (such as an OB/GYN or PCP) is required to schedule an appointment.

Once an order for genetic counseling has been placed, please contact TriHealth Central Scheduling at 513-569-6671, and press option 1.