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Nursing Division

Mission, Vision, and Philosophy


The Mission of TriHealth Nursing is to assist and support the people we serve to optimize their health status. We pursue our Mission through interdisciplinary collaboration to provide services across the continuum of care and throughout the life span.


EVERY TriHealth nurse is a leader!


The nursing philosophy within TriHealth is rooted in the Christian heritage of the Founding Sisters of Charity and the German Methodist Deaconesses.

  • We believe that each human being possesses personal dignity, worth and God-given human rights.
  • We believe in the uniqueness of the individual and approach care from a holistic perspective.
  • We believe that caring and service are fundamental components of the art, science and practice of nursing.
  • We believe the professional nurse is responsible for implementing the nursing process to guide nursing practice.
  • We believe nursing processes and patient outcomes are enhanced in an environment of continuous quality improvement and collaborative practice.
  • We believe each nurse is responsible and accountable for his/her own practice and professional development.
  • We believe creativity, innovation, competency, stewardship, compassion, and leadership are needed to assure our future state.
  • We believe we are responsible for creating a professionally satisfying and rewarding practice environment.